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FAQ About the Alli Weight Loss Product

Updated on October 30, 2012

You have probably heard a lot about Alli, the over-the-counter-weight loss drug that you can purchase online or in stores near you. If you are interested in losing weight (and especially if you have struggled with weight loss in the past) then you have probably at least considered trying this method of weight loss. But something has held you back. What is it? Perhaps you just have some questions about what Alli is and how Alli works that you feel like you need answers to before you can feel comfortable trying out this weight loss product.

Take a look at the follow Alli FAQ to see if they answer the questions that you have asked in your mind about the use of this product:

What is Alli?

The first question that many people have about this weight loss product is a really simple one – what is it? Alli is a two-part product that is designed to result in long-term weight loss. Alli is both a weight loss pill and a weight loss plan.

So Alli is a diet pill?

No. And yes. Alli is an over-the-counter medication that is designed for weight loss. The medication itself comes in the form of a pill. However, this pill is designed to work in conjunction with a personalized weight loss plan (known as the My Alli plan) which focuses on helping you to make long term changes that result in permanent weight loss.

Why not just eat right and exercise instead of taking Alli?

You will but Alli will make it easier. The plan part of the Alli weight loss plan involves teaching you how to eat right and exercise so that you can enjoy healthy weight loss. We all know that you can’t lose weight safely and permanently just by taking a pill; you do need to change your habits in order to eat right. What Alli does is it gives you that initial boost of energy and encouragement to assist you in losing weight as you develop the long-term habits that will keep that weight off. It addresses both your need for a short-term weight loss solution and your desire to lose weight permanently in a healthy manner.

Is it true that Alli prevents you from getting fat?

Many people have heard that what Alli does is stop you from getting fat. There’s some truth to this but that’s not the whole story. Basically, the Alli pill is designed to prevent a certain percentage of the fat in your food from actually being absorbed by your body. This means that you won’t be taking in as much new fat and ultimately assists in your weight loss and fat reduction.

Is Alli safe?

All is FDA approved and is considered to be safe particularly in comparison with other diet pills. The safest way to use Alli is to make sure that you’re taking the correct amount of the pill under the supervision of a doctor even though this is an over-the-counter weight loss product. You should also be sure to stick to the exercise and nutrition designed to go with the plan so that you are losing weight safely while taking Alli.

How do I know if Alli is right for me?

Many people have tried to lose weight using all sorts of different plans in the past and that weight loss hasn’t been successful. As a result, they have mostly given up on diets and weight loss plans. This is unfortunate since the reason these plans don’t work is almost always because the person didn’t choose the right plan for them. People who want to make sure that Alli works for them should ask themselves the following questions. A “yes” answer to all or most of these questions should mean that Alli is going to be right for you:

Are you comfortable with losing weight gradually? Be aware that you may notice initial weight loss within just a couple of weeks but this is not a crash diet so you aren’t going to drop a bunch of pounds immediately. You have to be willing to take a little bit of time to enjoy healthy weight loss with Alli.

Can you stick to a diet and exercise plan in addition to taking the Alli pill? You’ll need to do more than just pop a pill to be successful in using Alli. You’ll also need to be do some hard work to change your habits.

Are you able to change your eating habits? Many people say that they’re willing to change their diet but you need to be really committed to changing all of your eating habits when taking Alli. This includes eating smaller meals and eating different foods from what you currently eat. Are you willing and able to do that? If so, you may want to try Alli for weight loss

Are you within a normal weight range? Alli is designed as a weight loss tool for those people who are not excessively obese. If you have serious problems with obesity, you may need another product for weight loss. Likewise, you shouldn’t be excessively thin and using a product like Alli. However, if you are slightly overweight then you may benefit from Alli.

Where can I buy Alli?

Since Alli is an over the counter medication, it is something that you can purchase at your local drug store. You can find stores near you that sell Alli by checking the location tool on the My Alli website. Alternatively you can buy Alli online from a number of different vendors.

Where can I get more information about Alli?

The answers to these questions should have given you a pretty good overview of what Alli is, why people are using it and where you can get it. However, you may find that you have additional questions about Alli that you want answered before you go ahead and try using it to lose weight. If that’s the case, you should check out the various online sites that offer information about Alli. These Alli sites include My Alli, the Mayo Clinic page on Alli and the Alli page on WebMD.


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