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Updated on March 5, 2010


Of all the lazy, ignorant, and out and out stupid things some of you parents do to your children is allowing them to eat themselves into obesity, literally wrecking their adolescent lives and most likely their adult lives as well. This has got to be one of the most abused parental responsibilities of all time. Criminal child neglect is my personal interpretation of the practice. I’ve seen many of you mothers on television with your 95 pound 4 year olds complaining: “Well gee, he just keeps on eating and eating and I can’t do anything about it”. Did any of you morons ever hear the expression “No”?

I cannot believe your ignorance. Why not just have the kid injected up front with all the social calamities and all the diseases he’s going to have to endure as a direct result of your incredible ignorance?

My parents didn’t have the luxury of modern day medical knowledge warning of the dangers of adolescent obesity, you do and laziness and complacency is no excuse.

I realize there are unique and medically complicated cases where there may be physiological or psychological problems causing a child to become obese. These cases are comparatively few and far between and require the best of professional medical assistance. But when parents attempt to claim they can’t seem to keep the kid from stuffing his face with Twinkies all day long, I have only one question: Where the hell is he getting them from? Do four year olds have some kind of middle of the night, underground shuttle to 7/11 I’m not aware of?

I know where they get the junk food from and so do you. I know how second, third, and forth helpings get on a kids plate and so do you, and I know why these kids seem to get whatever they want, whenever they want it, and so do you.

A general intelligence test should be required before you're allowed to become a parent. That would solve most of the problems right off the bat. Good parenting is anything but a naturally acquired ability, I know, I raised four kids by myself and at times, it was a real bitch let me tell you. There is no more difficult job on earth. Both parents could be Harvard graduates with the most attentive child-rearing regimen one could imagine and they would still require a modicum of luck to get through the experience of rearing a healthy, normal child. How do you suppose uneducated, lazy, unconcerned fat ass parents are going to fair? How do you suppose their children will fair, and their children’s children? Welcome to present day “fat ass” America folks! That’s exactly what is happening, and the beat goes on.

Surprise! Successful parenting is going to take up all your time and tax all your abilities, intellect, and resources isn’t it? Hell, you might even have to give up watching Jerry Springer every morning!


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    • profile image

      jami l. pereira 6 years ago

      Lol I liked this hub , intellectually correct and you paint a vivid picture of how dumb and ignorant some mothers are today . When i was raising my daughter when she went to visit her dad she would call me and brag about going to mc donalds , i didnt know but he was letting her eat 2 burgers ,large fries and a milkshake to go with it! to say the least i was angry! and stopped her visits and when she got back she was put on a stricked diet to loose the 14 pounds she gained while she was there , to this day she does not let me forget it, however now she is tall and thin and gorgeous , she went through a period of being overweight in highschool and she got my drift , quickly and began watching what she ate at that point , all by herself. this is a good hub , i hope mothers of all fat gross children will read this and wake up , little fat kids are NOT cute , they are disgusting just like "us" heavier adults. Kudos on a great hub!

      P.S. look up "a-r-t-h-r-i-t-i-s joking lol

    • Craig Suits profile image

      Craig Suits 7 years ago from Florida

      Your right, I doo try to interject a bit of humor in everything I write, why not? But there's nothing funny about a fat little 9 year old little girl at her first school dance that sits by herself because no one wants to dance with her. Neither is almost guaranteed diabetis, high blood pressure, authritis, and scores of other deadly complication later on in life caused by adolecent malnutrition and lack of exercise.

      As far as blame and shame is concerned, I don't know where else to put it but squarely on the shoulders of the parents. Where else? I'm 68 and no time left for pussy words with the hope people will get my drift. It's way too late for that. What ever it takes to wake people up in this country is what I'll do. No pun intended.


      I know I know. I looked up "authritis" and still couldn't find it.

    • MaggieJane profile image

      MaggieJane 7 years ago from Florida USA

      Well written, but if you are against childhood obesity, I'm not so sure blame and shame cause change. I do detect a sense of humor however.

      We are required by law to qualify for a driver's license to operate a motor vehicle but are free to have as many children as we like possessing little or no parenting skills.