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Updated on May 1, 2009

Peace of mind a click away


If you’ve gotten to know me at all in the last thirteen years we’ve been in business, you know that it would be easy for me to write you some sort of “feel good bulls#%t” that would leave you thinking everything is going to be fine and dandy. I could tell you that at  any moment roses and lollipops and new jobs for everyone would be falling out of the sky, but then that would have about as weight and honesty as a Paula Abdul American Idol review. 

But you know what? Even though things out there are really bad, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of everything or that it’s time to panic. In fact according to my watch, the time to panic doesn’t officially come until next week. So see, there’s absolutely no pressure or anything to worry about.

Look let’s be honest, we’re not getting the same number of job openings we did a couple of years ago. A good number of the positions we’ve been recruiting on have gone on hold. But there are still clients out there looking for and hiring quality people.

As Recruiters/Salespeople that means we have to work harder to find new clients/positions and so far we’ve been able to do that on a relatively frequent basis.

What does this mean for you?

It means that given the tight market, if you are on the outside looking in your resume needs to be sharp and to the point. It means that your interviewing skills need to be at your very best. These two things, Crossroads Consulting can help you with.

Crossroads has a top notch resume service that charges far less than any of the other services I’ve seen out there

Crossroads can also help your interviewing technique. We have an affordable service for that as well.

Those are the basics. However, what is your mental state of mind? Are you putting yourself in a position mentally when you go on these interviews to excel at them? Trust me on this one, if you’re feeling the heat and it shows on your countenance, then you’re in trouble, not only on interviews but for your personal well being also.

Because I’m feeling the heat as much as any of you, maybe more since we’ve lived on straight commission for the last thirteen years and have to support a wife and two kids, and pay the mortgage AND the business expenses to boot. I’ve been struggling emotionally with dealing with this as much as any of you out there. 

I went looking for some answers to try and deal with all of this and I think I found an answer that has really helped. I wasn’t and am not interested in a religious answer, been there done that, and we’re far too skeptical to get wrapped up in some sort of oddball New Age nonsense either. What I found was a great company run by Mike Hartman who was a member of the 1994 New York Rangers Stanley Cup Championship team. Since leaving hockey, Mike has dedicated himself to learning and studying the “axiology” of success and successful people. As a result, Mike has become one of the few Certified Axiological Practitioners in the world. If you’re unfamiliar with what “axiology” is you’re not alone. I had no idea what it was either. What it means, is “the study of values.” It’s a new science that was initiated by a Nobel Prize nominee and is one of the most fascinating areas of human development I’ve ever seen.

I took what is called a “Valuescan.” To be honest, I was VERY skeptical of this thing being anything more than a just another personality test that would show nothing and basically be a waste of time. However, what I discovered was just how wrong I was. The results of the test as Mike shared them with me were some of the most eye-opening and revealing things I’ve ever experienced.

Ever since I took the test I’ve begun doing the various steps of what is called “The Playbook.” It’s a thought provoking eighteen month process to a better state of mind/attitude and instructs how to be better in  my ability to focus and accomplish whatever task(s) at hand.

For me, this has been nothing short of a miracle. Despite all the negativity and problems I’m still facing...and believe me there are a TON of them, as a lifelong insomnia sufferer, I’ve been getting restful and peaceful sleep for the first time in as long as I can remember. I’m feeling “real” hope, not the lyrical nonsense being espoused in Washington and I’ve begun taking better care of myself for the first time in years. My mood is better and I’m getting back into the game.

As a result I’ve partnered with Mike’s company, Better Life Training, and formed my own company that you can find on the web at

The Valuescan test and individualized analysis from Mike himself normally costs $200. If you wanted to buy “The Playbook” its $240 more. It can be paid in a lump sum or can be financed at zero percent interest by credit card at $40 a month.

However, for those who sign up at and make the onetime $200 payment we will include the Playbook FREE. You SAVE $240 just for making the onetime payment.

I sincerely believe in this service and wouldn’t offer it to anyone if I wasn’t thoroughly convinced that it will help you as much as it has helped me. Ultimately, it should pay off for you not only in a better job, but a BETTER LIFE as well.

We’re back again with you next month.

Till then, let’s “unlock your peak performance...”


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