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FENG SHUI weight control measures.

Updated on September 20, 2014


The peace and prosperity of any home is cited with the influence of Feng Shui these days. More people nowadays are prone to adopt the influence of Feng Shui for prosperous living. Feng Shui meaning wind and water is a 5000 year old science that has some methodology and techniques which are likely to have beneficial effects. It is an accomplished study of elements which is responsible for flowing of the universal energy called β€˜chi’ into your life. The amazing part of the Feng Shui is that the techniques are scientific in its approach which incorporates peaceful and healthy style.

Now the role of Feng Shui has inclined from a peaceful life and home to a healthy and fit body. According to study the enormous influence of Feng Shui can also serve as a weight control measures. If one follows Feng Shui style of food habits they can surely curb their weight to certain extent.

FENG SHUI food control measures


The significant style of Feng Shui can be beneficial if you stick to certain suggestions as per Feng Shui rules:

Mirror Effect: According to Feng Shui if you place a mirror on the wall that reflects your seat from where you can actually site yourself having food can curb your urge to have more food. This significant mirror on the wall will make you feel conscious how much food you are having which results in limited food consumption.

Square plate is Ideal: As per Fend Shui concept if you have your food in a square plate you will end up having less food in contrast to a round plate. It is believed that square plate discharge satisfaction while round plates prone to curiosity. So having food on a square plate can make you feel fuller much before as compared to round plate.

Enjoy every bit of your Meal: It is always ideal to have food slowly as it helps in digestion. The best technique as per Feng Sui is to have a Clock in your Dining area which will help in controlling the food movement if you noticed the clicking sound while gulping a mouth full food. Moreover if you have your food slowly you will feel full.

Soft Colours for the Dining area: Bright colours instigate appetite whereas colours like earthy colours like brown and beige can make fulfilment for your appetite. If the kitchen and the dining area have earthy shades its curb the interest of having more food.

Get Rid of Junk from House: As per Feng Shui concept a mess free house especially kitchen can curb unwanted kilos not only from the house but also for your physical well- being.

Have Even Sitting arrangements: The most important part of cutting and having a limited diet it to have even sitting arrangements. If the table settings are even it ensures stress-free mood as compare to odd numbers which highlight awareness.

The art of Feng Shui can act as an amazing tool on the weight loss awareness which can somehow be achieved through some changes in the food habits and techniques.


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