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Updated on December 18, 2012

Make sure to talk to a health specialist first.

Dealing with overweight or obesity is hard, as many dietitians and nutrition experts can attest to the fact, unless one knows what to use to reduce body fat; yet, reducing fat is in itself a struggle, if the dietary supplement intake is not measured to balance the amount of food one eats each single day.

What many people do is to read the dosage of the number of tablets, capsules or tablespoonfuls prescribed on the product package and do not consider the food - breakfast, lunch and dinner - that they ingest over a 24 hour period, which can consist of any number of calories.

Also, the fluid liquid weight of soda drinks that add on more calories already in the food have to be considered. Ordinary water, which forms about 20% of the human body, and has no calories can replace the sodas, as calories curb the metabolism in the concoction the stomach produces to support the cells of the living organs - the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the muscles, etc., - and in fact the whole arterial system of the whole body.

Such concoction by itself is developed without minerals, but by the combination with the natural hormones in food, it (concoction) energizes those organs. In other words, the body cannot manufacture minerals; and therefore, diet supplementation - produced by vitamins and dietary products - becomes the only means of supply of minerals. Without the minerals and natural hormones, the fat in the body tend to grow extensively, or develop without much deterrence, and the calories in foods double up in the body, and that causes overweight or obesity.

To combat body fat growth, one must frequently use products like "HGH Advanced" (Human Growth Hormone), which, in addition to the mineral intake, helps the organs to function efficiently and reduce the fat that contributes to weight gain. Meaning, the levels of the HGH the body produces going up generally ensure healthy living.

Weight loss is an acute problem in many households, because it affects 25% adults and 15% young people of the population in the country, Doctors and nutritional experts know about this, and therefore there is no need to keep it a secret, if one is using over the counter products to reduce one's weight. Health specialists are anxious to give advise on the subject, as to when and how to use these products effectively.

Pharmacists are also willing to help; however, one must take the personal responsibility to direct pertinent questions to health providers, and one must also read the instructions that come with these products carefully before starting to use them. In most cases these products do not work for people suffering from high cholesterol or diabetes; and so, it is always advisable to consult with doctors and other health officials first before using any product or going on a diet, unless one has already been told by one's doctor to do so.

Also, alcohol use must be avoided in all cases, as most of these products do not mix with alcohol, and one will be going to the doctor's office anyway for being sick, because one failed to follow the directions already prescribed for losing weight.

Under normal circumstances, "HGH Advanced" works very well for a lot of people losing weight. Check it out at: and order it on the next page.

P.S. Copy and paste the website address in your browser, if necessary.


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