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FOOD that makes you feel GOOD!

Updated on May 2, 2013

You may have heard that certain foods can affect how you feel. Well it’s true. Just as how some foods can make you feel sluggish and sleepy, there are several foods that have been scientifically proven to improve your mood! These foods have specific properties that stimulate certain glands and hormones which combat depressed moods. They promote good health, provide energy, improve your memory and focus, and increase happiness! Here are just a few:

o Asparagus – contains lots of folate (low folate = increased likelihood of depression) and tryptophan (this chemical produces serotonin in the brain which stabilizes moods)

o Coconut – moderate amounts in diet contribute certain fats that enhance your mood

o Walnuts - contain magnesium that boosts mood

o Tomatoes – when cooked the component lycopene has antioxidants that are responsible for enhancing your mood

o Spinach – Also contains folic acid that boosts mood

o Whole Grains – are good carbs and they help you to fight sadness and depression

o Honey – contains kaempferol and quercetin which improve the health of the brain as well as reduce inflammation in the brain. Strawberries dipped in honey, works as an aphrodisiac and improves your mood

o Cheese – contains zinc which is essential for fighting depression. Your body does not produce enough zinc, so cheese in moderate amounts is a good source

o Turkey - is also a good source of tryptophan. It produces serotonin to balance and improve your mood

o Dark chocolate – made with cocoa which is a potent source of serotonin, dopamine, and phenylethylamine. They help in keeping depression at bay and are associated with feeling good

o Oysters - are a good source of zinc, iodine, selenium, all of which support the thyroid gland functions. This gland is helpful to stimulate happiness

o Red beans - red beans contain antioxidants far richer than berries. Amino acid in proteins and iron helps fight brain disorders. A healthy brain is a happy brain

o Salmon - the fats are good for the nervous system and the brain. Healthy fats from salmon improve the brain and keep it healthy and keep you smiling

o Bananas - feeling depressed, eat a ripe banana. It provides energy, helps in development of cells, and promotes the health of the nervous system

o Beetroot - contain several nutrients and vitamins that are responsible for fighting depression; folate, magnesium and uridine

o Sweet potatoes - Beta-carotene and B6 are found in sweet potatoes. These two components are responsible for a healthy brain and B6 works as a mood enhancer. B6 is used to treat those with mood disorders

Who knew that feeling good was as simple as eating a healthy, delicious meal. May I suggest these sample menus as a start?

Sample ‘Good Mood’ Menu

Breakfast – ripe bananas and strawberries sprinkled with grated coconut and chopped walnuts; grilled cheese sandwich made with whole wheat toast and; a cup of hot cocoa.

Lunch – salmon (any style); steamed asparagus; red beans and basmati brown rice (made with coconut milk)

Dinner – roasted turkey breast with oyster sauce; a salad made from beetroot, spinach, tomatoes; and roasted sweet potatoes drizzled with a little honey

MMM….I’m already smiling just thinking about it, aren’t you?

Most of these foods are a regular part of my diet

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    • happiness coach profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen McGibbon 

      5 years ago from Jamaica

      I eat it all the time - yum!

    • profile image

      Alise- Evon 

      5 years ago

      It's true, eating regular food (not packaged stuff) just cannot be beat for taste and goodness. I have not tried cooking basmati rice in coconut milk before. I will have to try that now that coconut milk is getting easier to find in the stores around here. Thanks for the idea.


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