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Facebook, Hub Pages, and the Friends Who Live inside My Computer

Updated on June 30, 2011

Social Networks

This one is close to my heart and so may not exactly fit into any category. I hope Google Forgives. If anyone can tell me how to work it into one of the many categories on the list, I will change that.

Facebook is an amazing place where I have been able to hook up with friends who, like me, were in a self-imposed exile from Hub Pages and the forums. While on my sabbatical, I met many others who were having a similar difficulty with other sites, and those forums. 

 Forums are a wonderful place to interact with like minded people for word games, or chatter. They're also great for debate, if that is what you desire. If you have a problem at home and need well wishers and emotional or spiritual support, you will find that as well. Especially the forums here on Hub Pages.

At other times you may run into a serious individual who has decided to take you apart from the inside out without benefit of anesthesia, and without warning. The worst part of this non-elective surgery is that it is often performed after you have logged off for the night. You come back the next day, or even a week later, and find out that people have been poking fun at your comment, sometimes for days, without you knowing it.

This is childish, happens on every single site on the internet, and is one of the most prevalent types of posts there are. You go and comment on a video, and you don't know that sixteen others made fun of your comment. Here, at HP, you may find out. When you comment on other sites, you may never go back. Here, in the forums of Hub Pages, if you are a forum poster, then odds are, sooner, or later, you will find out what's being said behind your back.

These things can be hurtful, it's shameful that a group of adults would choose to use their writing skills to torment each other this way, but I prefer to refer to it as sibling rivalry. It's like when your brother or sister made fun of the way you talked. Believe it or not, the fact that they noticed you enough to comment should be considered a form of flattery. I mean it does take more work to come up with a scathing remark than to just ignore and move on. 

Friends are those who can outlast a multitude of disagreements!

I have made some very special friends here, and on Facebook, and they all know who they are. This Hub is dedicated to them. For the tears I cried, that you came and dried, for the pain that you shared with me, letting me lift you up too, this hub is for you.

The names are so numerous, I have, from day one, Stevenix, and Pinkylee, Earnestshub, and Cosette. Some have left, Wordscribe, Sophs, and Crazdwriter. Some have multiple incarnations, Lyricsingray left and is back as Kimberlyslyrics. There are many who have more than one name here on HP. AEvans, Cagsil, Figment! Figment is the one who wrote first about those friends in the computer. If you feel forgotten, don't, these songs are for my friends, even those who I don't speak to every day, like Epigramman, the 60 day challenge team, and so many others who have come and gone, here at Hub Pages.

On Facebook I have some special friends who are from other countries, such as Nour and Bray, Robert, and some from here, such as Faith, Love Story, and Russell. Some of these know each other, and some don't, but for me, when I am crying, and need a shoulder, they are there. I even have friends on YouTube, and there are trolls there who pick apart what I say, but I get it now. I understand it all. We are one big social network. I have Hub Pages friends on Facebook too, Heather and Stephanie, and so many others. Please forgive me, but naming all of you would take all night. There are quite literally so many that it will take hours just to cover the names and make the links.

I would not be the writer I am, not even be writing this hub, if not for the debates, and the virtual hugs. I wouldn't even still be writing, if it wasn't for these friends, who chose to go out of their way to help me edit, to criticize me when needed, to pat me on the back when I deserved it. I am sitting here, in my living room, writing because it is what I love to do, and the people I have to thank... Well, it's


So if you are reading this, you are now one of my friends who live inside my computer. I hope that in time I will become one of your friends who live inside the computer.

Looking at it from my point of view.

The world is changing as we speak. It gets smaller day by day. Where once I knew only people who thought as I thought, believed what I believed, now I am meeting people who do not, and they challenge me, and I challenge them.

The debates are varied from whether or not our government is in the right hands, to whether we can be friends even though our religious beliefs differ greatly. I have a new friend on YouTube who would genuinely despise a friend on Facebook, and vice versa. They are too different to ever get along, but that doesn't mean I don't get along with both of them.

Think about what it was like when you were in school, with the cliques, and you will see that our kids already know how to deal with this incredible shrinking planet. Our schools are a microcosm of the planet, with each group, each faction, separated from the others by their differences. As long as we can see each other, we don't need borders to keep us apart. Our differences do that quite nicely, without any help from the leaders of the world, and the laws they impose on us.

Erase the Boundaries

When we erase what divides us, it's amazing what joins us. I have three songs to round this out and I can't decide which to put, so I guess, as I am the most decadent one when it comes to adding videos, I'll put them all. Two of these you probably know by heart, and one you may have heard, maybe not. If you haven't then I have brought you something new, my favorite thing to do, next to spending time with the friends who live inside my computer.

What does this mean to Hub Pages Writers?

There are really only two types of people in the world, the satisfied and the dissatisfied. This means there are two types of writers, those who make you happy with what you have and those who make you want more. 

As a Hub Pages writer, your job is to create traffic. You cannot do this if all you are is satisfied, and you can't do this if all you are is contrary. 

The contrary hubber will argue with everyone until no one wants to come back. The complacent one will say, yes you are right, or that you are entitled to your opinion. Some will just not respond to your comments at all. I have seen that, and also seen some who would argue that since my comment didn't express their exact same view, then it was deleted.

Comments are what keeps a hub alive. The more comments, the more the hub becomes a living thing! I know that many of my hubs do not inspire comments, and that's because I want you to learn something to make your hubs shine! 

Our own Pink Umbrella had a hub which garnered almost 300 comments! Quite impressive! She actually had a top hub when she was relatively new to this place. You must walk the fine line between contrary and complacent. This way you will gain in readership, and in friendship. Bonds have been formed here on Hub Pages, and on all of the other social networking sites, by some of the most polar of opposites. That's how we grow.

Keep growing!


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  • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

    Faye Constantino 

    8 years ago from Florida

    Hey Kimberly! I've been writing to you on FB and guessed maybe your PC was acting up. I know you're busy!

    Big Hugs!


  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Fabulous hub and views!

    Just thrilled to see you enjoying both again

    Hope you are also well


  • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

    Faye Constantino 

    8 years ago from Florida

    Hey LeanMan, I have to do a bunch of that myself! Thanks for commenting!

  • LeanMan profile image


    8 years ago from At the Gemba

    Great hub, I have spent almost 2 hours so far today just catching up with my friends in my little box..

  • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

    Faye Constantino 

    8 years ago from Florida

    @ Cagsil, I still have to put in links to all the names! I never seem to have it "all together" in that respect. I am glad you're my friend.

    @Beth100, thank you for reading and commenting, and thanks for the compliment!

    @ Kaltopsyd, It's not so much an addiction as the filling of a social need. Humans are social creatures, and when we are deprived of our tribe, we need to find a new one. I have a hub coming up about that.

    @Humagaia, be careful your turning my head! I find there are ways to deal with cyber-bullies, and I have (after a near nervous breakdown), but of course I dealt with so many in real life. Funny story: I worked with a bully, confronted said bully, and even made the bully cry. (I shouldn't be so proud of that, but I am. You should have seen everyone else's face, as she'd railroaded all of them) Anyway, I got a call a couple of days ago, said bully is in jail and probably won't get out for a very long time. I had said on that day "One of these days your ways are going to get you in trouble, and there won't be anyone coming to bail you out. When that day comes, remember, we used to be friends, and I tried to warn you. Saddest part is, I'd have probably bailed you out once, but not anymore."

    Yes, I feel bad that she didn't change but sometimes people just dig themselves into a deep hole and can't get out of it.

  • humagaia profile image

    Charles Fox 

    8 years ago from United Kingdom

    This cyber-bullying is usually perpetrated by someone that is a bully offline. They gather a persona that they should be listened to and that others should agree with no matter what. Once they start a campaign other sheep follow because it is the done thing to be accepted into the group. This kind of behaviour should be policed and eradicated. As it is trying to be offline in schools and the workplace. Unfortunately, online it is a difficult matter to monitor unless there are complaints. And few complain. The best way to complain is to place the bully in their place - a quick kick to the gonads I find helps. Just show them up for what they are in no uncertain ords. If that does not work set up a new persona. None of us are actually, really who we actually are, when we are online. Those avatars are so easy to hide behind whether bully or recipient of bullying.

  • kaltopsyd profile image


    8 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

    I think it IS an addiction. It certainly is for me.

  • Beth100 profile image


    8 years ago from Canada

    I have many virtual friends, but the distance or the fact that we have not met face to face does not lessen the feelings of friendship or the efforts that I put forth to develop the relationship. Thanks Faybe for another great hub!

  • Cagsil profile image


    8 years ago from USA or America

    Hey Faye, I read this last night when you published it. I voted it up too. However, I am back to leave my comment, as well as to vote it up again. Also, I marked it as useful and awesome, because I found it to be that. It's always nice to recognize others and the effect that they have on our lives. I appreciate the mention in your hub. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to see what else you publish too. :) Enjoy! :)

  • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

    Faye Constantino 

    8 years ago from Florida

    Thanks Kaltopsyd, I guess it is a really common problem, in fact another hubber seems to think we're addicted... Lol, okay so maybe.

  • kaltopsyd profile image


    8 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

    Haha, I really like this Hub. I can relate!

  • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

    Faye Constantino 

    8 years ago from Florida

    Thank you Wendy! I am glad you enjoyed it. Friends are a basic human need, I feel. It doesn't matter if they are inside or outside of the computer.

  • Wendy Krick profile image

    Wendy Krick 

    8 years ago from Maryland

    Terrific hub. I have lot's of friends who live in my computer too. I enjoyed reading this very much.

  • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

    Faye Constantino 

    8 years ago from Florida

    Oh Rafini, I am glad you're in school, and I don't ever think of you as contrary! Debate can be such an educational experience!

    I was surprised to see that you'd been here, simply because I know how busy school will keep you! Your comments always enhance my hubs, just as our friendship enhances my life.

  • Rafini profile image


    8 years ago from Somewhere I can't get away from

    Hey Faybe, this is a really nice hub. The title caught my attention so I had to come over and read (I'm not reading too much nowadays while I'm in school).

    I am not here to argue or be contrary. I can be satisfied with what I have yet be dissatisfied with what's available. I hope my writing can bring happiness to those who seek it, but I also have the desire for my writing to bring readers back for more.

    Hub comments can be fun, infuriating, insightful, empty, over-done, argumentative, positive, complacent...a wide variety of comments supports the life the original hubber created. There is no substitute.

    I'm happy to be counted as one of your friends. :-)

  • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

    Faye Constantino 

    8 years ago from Florida

    First I must say, it is so nice to wake up in the morning, turn on my PC and be greeted by these comments from my friends. My family (when they get to read my hubs) rarely comments. My mailbox is full and it isn't junk mail, for that I thank you my friends.

    @ Lorlie, I feel like I know you too, like we are sisters separated by time and distance, and maybe a birth mother too. I feel for your losses as if I experienced them with you. I know we have a special bond, and I do hope to meet some day.

    @MPG, it's nice to meet a new friend, I read your profile and see that you have gotten to know the good side of Hub Pages, as I have. I will definitely be reading your hubs.

    @Breakfastpop, I am so glad that Cosette wrote about you, or I may never have met you. The time at your breakfast table is priceless. I feel so at home with you, it's uncanny. Of course it may be that the great food, and the drinks have something to do with the issues you raise going down a little easier. I so seldom talk about politics, and I have given up on the news as the unimpeachable source it's supposed to be. The only place I really get the news is at your table, and from the daily call from my Best Friend Ted. I figure your friends will tell you the truth, even when nobody else will.

    Thanks for the niche suggestion, and I think it's great that we can have friends all over the world. That's what pen pals used to be... Oh I feel a hub coming on, Pen Pals!

  • breakfastpop profile image


    8 years ago

    Faybe, you live inside my computer and my heart. I am grateful and delighted whenever you come to the breakfast table. As for finding a niche for this hub I would say social issues. The internet has it's good and bad points and there are good and bad people abounding, but for the most part it's a joy. How else would I meet people from Greece, Indonesia, India, Italy and on and on and on. Terrific hub.

  • MPG Narratives profile image

    Marie Giunta 

    8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Well said Faybe... err I mean written. I am glad to be one of your friends who live in your computer. Who knows, the world keeps getting smaller, one day we might meet???!!!

  • lorlie6 profile image

    Laurel Rogers 

    8 years ago from Bishop, Ca

    There are some, like you, Faybe Bay, who make me question what indeed a 'virtual' friend is. The fact that we may never meet does not enter into the equation when I pour out my heart to you online. You are as real to me, or more real, as many folks I see daily.

    And I am the richer for it.

  • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

    Faye Constantino 

    8 years ago from Florida

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Suziecat7! I know that for most of us Hub Pages is a great social site, and I have found the other sites compliment that as well.

  • suziecat7 profile image


    8 years ago from Asheville, NC

    I have many friends who live in my computer too. They come from all over the world and each are unique and wonderful. Many I found here at HubPages.


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