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Facial Exercise to Reduce Lines and Wrinkles

Updated on August 13, 2013

If you are in your forties, you may be surprised one day to catch site of yourself in a shop window reflection or have a photograph taken where you hardly recognize yourself because you look tired and haggard. This can be extremely depressing, and many people begin to think about fillers or more invasive plastic surgery when they notice they no longer have their young youthful looks. However, such extreme measures are not necessary, as you can lose about 10 years of your appearance within around three months if you simply do some old-fashioned facial exercises.

Exercising the facial muscles to look younger is not a new concept, although the practice has become much more widely known in recent years due to the sharing of information via the internet.

Possibly the first book that mentioned the subject was "Exercising in Bed" written by Sanford Bennett in 1921. At the age of 50, Sanford had the appearance of an old man, so he devised a series of exercises that eventually reduced years of his appearance and relieved all the ailments he suffered that are associated with aging such as stiff joints and arthritis. Another one of the early books on the subject was the "The Wrinkle Book" by Elinor Glyn. This was written in 1926. Elinor practiced facial exercises for the best part of her life, and looked far younger than her biological years.

Getting Started with Facial Exercises

It is easy to get started with facial exercises, the harder part is making sure you keep at it and make enough time everyday to perform your routine. You only need about 10 minutes a day; and even less when the muscles are toned and you just need to maintain the look.

The best way to learn facial exercises it to purchase a DVD by one of the top facial exercise trainers. Top teachers include Carole Maggio, Deborah Crowley and Cynthia Rowland. These ladies have been selling facial exercise products for several decades, and therefore you can see the effectiveness of the programs by observing how youthful the creators look for their respective ages.

If you do not want to splash out on DVD, try a facial exercise book to get you started. These typically cost under $20 and are a great way to test the waters without spending too much money.

Facial Exercise Benefits

When doing facial exercises, you can target specific areas of the face. Common areas that we need to target include the eyelids, that become drooping with age. crows feet wrinkles that form at the outer edges of the eyes, and also "smile lines" which are the lines that run from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

You may also want to reduce wrinkles on your brows, sagging skin on the neck and drooping cheeks. All these problematic areas can be targeted with facial exercise.

Facial Exercise Demonstrations

The facial exercise videos below are a few samples of the better demonstrations of effective facial exercises available on YouTube.


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