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Facing the vice grips of Overconfidence

Updated on February 14, 2013
By The Library of Congress
By The Library of Congress | Source

Being confident is OK, but its not good to be overly confident

That little personal demon of sorts regarded as being Overconfident, tends to do even more damage then good for those individuals. Especially for those who deem it necessary to use their false confidence as a method and tactical approach to channel their energies either physically or mentally in their daily lives as a means for approval from others.

Where is your confidence at?

In this life there are many things that people are indeed in need of taking heed to, for one there is a such thing as self-esteem that isn't as visible as many other issues that can be easily remedied. For instance, there are those individuals whom are use to being picked on all the time as a child, either at work, at school, or in social groups. These sorts of people tend to do much worse in such social arena's of life, and mainly because as a child they may have experienced a great deal of pain, abuse and mental scars that have indeed potentially wounded them for life and psychologically. So, having a low self-esteem generally is the outcome for those individuals in that sort of predicament.

During adolescence, many children tend to be affected in differing ways when it comes to this monster of sorts dealing with esteem issues, and is something that requires an in-depth look, because as folks grow older it also tends to lurk and haunt them, even at moments when they least expect it.

Now what isn't so obvious though, that is something quite the opposite of this sort of mental vice grip sort of speak. Is the actual extreme feelings, that a person may feel when they over do something, go to far or out of bounds (Exceeding their own personal boundaries, moral code of ethics, or even that of others), and definitely by thinking way out of the scope of what they're humanly capable of doing in real life. (Causing many life threatening mishaps to have occurred of many sorts, and repeat dangers to human life - also known as fails today on places like Youtube)

By The Library of Congress
By The Library of Congress | Source

How did this all come to be

Over confident people tend to appear to be the most smartest of the bunch, and extremely keen to how they can get to the top of anything, any mountain top, any peak of whatever it may be in life. These sorts of folks always want to show up everyone in a crowd of people, they are usually the stand out types, very outspoken, and quite frankly may have allowed themselves to over indulge in things that indeed need to be handled with extreme care.

A good example of this actual occurrence and issue of the mind is usually experienced by so-called experts of any trade, when in fact there is a smell of fraudulence in the air. They are mainly the ones who deem themselves to be the best at it all, but in actuality are only experts at coming up with bullshit, also known as Bullshit artists. (Many cheaters, scam artists, frauds, and even online crooks today also fit this profile)

The video below will demonstrate such a thing, as many fails occur where those act as though they are the best or wisest at something they truly aren't at all in actuality.

Cool movie clip and familiar reality today

It all comes at a high price

A huge price must be paid unfortunately, for overloading ones ego a tad bit to much, and living for reasons and purposes of such an extreme as becoming over confident, which generally stems from selfishness as well.

The good thing however is, if and when such a person whose been stricken with such a harmful unofficial mental disorder, they may actually recover from it after surviving such a life threatening experience of falling victim to their own ignorance.

This is when being humble will tend to arrive at their mental doorsteps and its sad that it has to occur sometimes in such a way, but this is what happens to many big headed individuals in this life.

So whats the remedy?

Well the only remedy most of the time for having such a thing as false confidence is to allow oneself to trip and fall many times. This will for sure help the numb skull who has made up his or her mind on thinking that its quite alright to act as if they are the best at everything in life.

Like a stubborn donkey such a person will also repeat the same mistakes way more then twice, and as a wild horse or bull cannot be lead to water. This is something that must occur within oneself, and especially after being given advice countless times over and over by all their elders, friends, guidance counselors, teachers, personal trainers, shrink etc... which never is taken or learned from by such an ignorant fool.

As they say experience is the only teacher in this sort of situation, and if folks aren't playing with a fully loaded, well balanced deck of cards sort of speak. Well they might falter yet even further, with error after error and maybe until they are staring death in the face, and them dangerous cross roads that this life surely does tend to lead many folks whom live by false proceeds alone. (Both harsh penalties and consequences are generally up ahead for those types who survive it all.)

More examples

  • Aircraft fighter pilot always flying to high and to fast - Top Gun!
  • Race car drivers thinking their immortal driving super speed - NASCAR Drivers
  • Dentist drilling holes just to drill em in places that don't require filling
  • Mal-practice doctors who perform plastic surgery on patients - Nip Tuck
  • A world leader who goes apes banana's after winning an election - Adolf Hitler
  • Athlete who uses steroids to win the championship gold - Olympics
  • Young kid trying to act as if their an adult who experienced everything
  • Inexperienced worker who never listens to his co-workers, supervisor or boss

Scary confidence being displayed, please don't try this at home

By The Library of Congress
By The Library of Congress | Source

You get the point

It's just not good to act as if you're indeed the best of the best in this world that's full of millions, if not billions of other experts that may in fact be a great many steps ahead of you. This is why its important to remain well balanced and humble today.

You just never know when you going to meet your match, and especially when God chooses to bring down the hammer per say, as for when a lawyer who truly cheated on the Bar Exam for example, but yet he's still pretending to be the best lawyer with his mere gift of gab alone. The very day when he's required to place his knowledge into action on a specific aspect of the judicial code, he then suddenly draws up complete blanks which he's now screwed thus losing integrity. (There are professional witnesses in every crowd, social group, and every given trade of business who can, and will attest to a persons poor ethical behaviors, unlawful acts, and lack of integrity today)

That last passage is just another good example of why, it doesn't take a person to physically see, that someone is being overly confident and going all about things in the wrong way. This also can come from the fault of their actions, of being so careless to not want to be humble in the first place, and before stepping out into anything as they approach the bench of this life.


The overall conclusion here is, that having confidence is essential at moments in everyone's life and especially where folks need to assert themselves, but by being overly confident can cost those whom are the most ignorant of their seen or unseen behaviors, as well as actions or inaction's. (Either made inadvertently or purposely with a good conscience)


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @MsDora, hey its so nice to see you and its been a long time. I just got back into writing here recently and so yup it feels so good to be back after a long 3 month vacation.

      Thank you for your kind words, I did my best with it all, and hope to do more soon on these sorts of topics.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      You nailed it in "experience is the only teacher in this sort of situation." Thanks for the wise counsel you dished out in this article.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @Mhatter99, yup I been through many occurrences in life where I needed to either assert myself or step down because I wasn't the true expert on a specific matter or subject, and had to go back to the drawing board as well.

      I figured this topic needed a facelift, and so I went at it :) I need to write more about stuff like this, and maybe in the near future.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 4 years ago from San Francisco

      I agree with you, I believe, you are right. I was a sought after orator for the Freemasons. But I spent hours going over and honing my performance and delivery.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      Yes indeed Bill I was picked on a great deal as a young boy by my knuckle headed brother, and he tried to make me a tough dude, and it didn't work LOL. I remained as soft as butter, and hence fourth as the years flew by into my adulthood I learned that there is a time and place for everything.

      Basically for me a sort of chess strategy is always at play when it comes to the assertiveness roles and usage of expressing self confidence, or if I need to let my big head speak hah.

      At the right moment though, I fall back if need be due to things dieing down, its my turtle technique, and so I only stick my neck out when necessary :) That's how I survived the grueling 10 years I served as a Navy Aviator (It was just a walk in the park when compared to dealing with my mothers hot headed rules, regs, and having to obey her authority).

      Happy valentines Day bro, you and I both are on the same page for the most part for sure, and when it comes to keeping things in perspective.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Excellent summations, Mike! I had very low confidence as a young man, and it slowly increased over the years as I added on experience. Today I think my self-confidence is at a healthy least it hasn't harmed me or others, so that's a good thing. :)