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Factors related to healthy sexuality in adolescents in Sri Lanka

Updated on August 2, 2011


Sexual health is the integration of physical, emotional, intellectual and social aspects of sexuality in a way that positively enriches and promotes personality, communication and love1. There are various factors influencing on healthy sexuality of an individual, such as biological determinants, cultural and traditional background, socioeconomic influences & education. In humans other purposes for sexual behavior in addition to reproduction have evolved. Hormones and gender play a major role in sexuality. Chromosomes responsible for male differentiation also affect central nervous system for male pattern of behavior as well as reproductive organs2. The dramatic physical changes of adolescents can be very warring to some teenagers especially to those who are shy and who don’t ask questions2. The inadequacy or imbalances of these factors may result in serious consequences such as increased prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies & disturbances in social relationships & breakdown in educational & occupational processes.

The age group which is most susceptible for the sexual health problems mentioned above is the adolescence. There is a limited amount of valid scientific knowledge regarding the sexual behavior of adolescent3. Since taking necessary actions immediately to prevent the consequences of these issues, identification of the factors related to healthy sexuality among the adolescents is important.

There is a significance difference between males and females with regard to knowledge on healthy sexuality.

In a boys school knowledge on healthy sexuality is higher than girls’ school.

Bioscience students have higher knowledge on healthy sexuality than maths, arts, and commerce students.

Majority of male students tend to discuss their sexual related issues with their friends while female students tend to discuss such issues with their mothers.

Students concern about body image was satisfactory.

Social relationship of students was satisfactory.

Students in the mixed school find it easy to interact with peers compared to others.

Students acquire knowledge on healthy sexuality through teachers and through special awareness programs.

Most of the students believe love affairs are unacceptable during the schooling


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