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Facts About Hemorrhoids

Updated on June 30, 2010

The Cold Truth About Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids affect and discomfort people from every age group, young or old. Although hemorrhoids appear usually among individuals in between the ages of 45 – 65. It has been estimated that ten million people in the United States of America alone, have hemorrhoids.

The term hemorrhoid is usually in connection to the signs and symptoms caused by hemorrhoids instead of hemorrhoids themselves. The cold truth is that Hemorrhoids can also be present among healthy individuals. It is when the vascular veins become inflamed and emits symptoms like burning, itching, pain and bright-red blood spots on stool or toilet paper especially during bowel movements, then they become known as hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

The signs and symptoms have a lot of different causes. Maybe the most common or usually experienced symptom is excessive straining especially during a bowel movement. Individuals with low fiber diets are more greatly affected because of hard stools as well as irregularity of bowel movements.

Some other causes may include:

* Old age or aging that weakens supportive tissue as well as structures

* Being pregnant, causes extra pressure as well as strain on the rectum/anal area

* Standing or sitting for long periods of time, adds pressure to the anal area

* Lifting heavy objects, causes straining  that produces hemorrhoidal symptoms

There are two kinds o types of hemorrhoids, these are internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids are those type of hemorrhoids whiach are commonly painless, but if one protrudes to the outside and becomes irritated, then it becomes an external hemorrhoid. Internal hemorrhoids can, however, cause blood in your stool as well as a feeling of fullness after bowel movements.  On the other hand, external hemorrhoids cause itching, burning and at most times can be really painful.

Hemorrhoid Treatment

There are different treatments available in the market today to assist with lessening the severity of the symptoms of hemorrhoids. A lot of those hemorrhoid treatments available can be done at home. Usually, over the counter ointments as well as creams combined with anesthetic ingredients can help ease the pain as well as itching of external hemorrhoids. Special suppositories can help alleviate painful symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. There are also all natural medications available on the market that can be taken internally to remove hemorrhoid symptoms altogether.

Even if hemorrhoids are not altogether serious, the pain as wwll as aggravation it causes is real and should not go unnoticed. If you think that you may have hemorrhoids, but you're not sure, it's best to go and be checked out by a professional medical doctor. Then, he can prescribe which treatment would be best for you.


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