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Facts on Scabies

Updated on June 10, 2013

Scabies is a skin disease that is caused by an extremely small mite. It's highly contagious. A normal infected person can have five to fifty mites. It can live up to a month with a human host. The little insects burrow into the skin and lay up to two or three eggs every day. Those eggs multiply and spread rapidly.


A person can last four to six weeks before they even realize they are infected. Scabies are more often than not found in the person's crevices because they seek out the warmth. The first sign is a rash but there are several other symptoms that accompany it.

Itching bumps or pimples



Thin lines on the skin


Open wounds


Scabies is spread by direct contact with infected person or item. This is why scabies is often known as an STD. It can be transmitted through sex. It isn't common but mites can attach themselves to clothing or other things. Mites can live up to two days without a host before they die. It isn't uncommon that whole families can become infected. Children can get it at daycare or school and the elderly can get it at retirement homes. Anyone can get scabies!


Scabies often look like pimples or mosquito bites. The bugs cannot be seen by the human eye. Doctors aren't always one hundred percent correct when they make a diagnosis on scabies.


There are many forms of ways to cure scabies. Creams or pills can be prescribed by your doctor. There are simple things that can be done at home to help as well. Things like bedding and clothes should all be washed. Non-washable items should be bagged and stored for at least a week. Nails should be kept short and clean. The house should be cleaned often to get rid of any bugs the infected person might have shook loose.

Though some of the symptoms can be treated with Zyrtec or Benadryl it won't kill the the might. Be sure to avoid scratching as it can cause infection. As soon as you suspect you have scabies you should go to the doctor. The people around you should be tested as well. Home treatment should be avoided, especially when small children are involved. Certain medications are not right for everybody and a doctor can prescribe the right medicine.


You're dirty if you have scabies

Scabies can be transmitted by touching a piece of clothing at the store. It is very easy to get and has nothing to do with how clean you are.

Scabies is only transmitted through sex

Scabies can be known as an STD but sex is not the only way to transmit it.

Scabies is impossible to cure.

There are many treatments that can get rid of scabies in time. It won't happen in a day but it can be treated.

Once you get scabies you have it for life.

There are many treatments and cures. You are not stuck with it forever.


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      Kaleb 3 years ago

      How do you get scabies

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      Nathan K 4 years ago from Kansas

      Good informative hub!