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Facts to Stay Positive and Succeed

Updated on July 11, 2016

Facts on Positive Energy

Facts of Positive Energy

Implementation of prooven scientific results plays a major role in improvising the positive energy to any Human. Crystal salt act as the collector of Negative energy from any thing,room and Human body as well.For instant,if you are buying a second hand House from a single owner you can have list of negative vibes about the house in order to rectify it you can use salt water and pour it all the rooms corners to get rid of negative energy even for curtains,furnitures as well. Sunlight is major positive energy and always look for sunlight when the curtains are open to live the room fillesd with positive vibes.Plants usually recollect negative vibes and produce positive vibes so always look for plants in front of house.Room sprays also can delete negative vibes from Rooms preferably Rose,Lavender,Frankincense and Patachouli. ANy High Frequency Music can give Human body attracted towards positive vibes .


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      Bharathi82 14 months ago

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