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Facts to consider when choosing a calcium supplement

Updated on October 29, 2011

Who else is confused about calcium?

Do you find yourself a bit confused when it comes to which calcium supplement is the best? There are so many different calcium choices to pick from. In the human body, calcium represents the largest quantity of minerals; even adding all the other minerals together, calcium is the most. We find that every tissue it is the mineral that gives strength and form.

Calcium must be in the right form to be used properly; much like having a specific currency for a specific country. Just as Swiss Francs can’t be spent in the USA, so the right type of calcium must be used. Did you know that calcium supplements outsell all other minerals? Unfortunately, most of it is not absorbed into the body.

In order for calcium to be ionized in the blood stream; it must be calcium bicarbonate. You will find that the best calcium supplements convert calcium bicarbonate with the least amount of chemical steps possible.

"Calcium Lactate" is a calcium supplement that only requires one chemical conversion step into calcium bicarbonate. It is also safe to take if you have milk allergies.

Don't make the mistake of confusing calcium bicarbonate with calcium carbonate. Calcium bicarbonate is the form of calcium you find in spring water. Taking the spring water and boiling it turns the soft organic calcium bicarbonate into a hard in organic calcium carbonate is is insoluble. This is what you see at the bottom of a teakettle when there is precipates. That is basically limestone.

Quite simply, calcium bicarbonate is what is ionized in the bloodstream. The process of ionization is critical because it is what makes the minerals function in our body. Calcium will stay in the fluid if it doesn't get ionized. The body's enzyme system is what ionized minerals for use.

Other factors to consider when choosing a calcium supplement is whether you have osteoporosis, a thyroid condition, is the calcium able to diffuse to the tissues or is it locked up in the bloodstream or in the stomach.

Drinking a lot of soda pop will deplete your phosphorus balance. This is another consideration when choosing a calcium supplement. There is a special calcium supplement for those who are prone to bone spurs, heel spurs or have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Calcium supplements should be chosen with care to save money and more importantly so that the body can utilized to it’s fullest potential the calcium you give it.


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