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Health Facts About Honey and Cinnamon

Updated on May 20, 2015

Honey Bee


Is Cinnamon and Honey Good For You?

There has been a lot of talk recently about the benefits of honey and cinnamon in regards to your health. Is this a new fad, or a stab at the drug companies? Or is there some truth to this story and cinnamon and honey can really prevent and cure many illnesses.


Cinnamon Sticks




The Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

Research says that Cinnamon and Honey can not only prevent illness's but these two ingredients can also cure many illnesses. Here is a list of potential uses of Cinnamon and Honey.

  • Arthritis- mix cinnamon, honey and a small amount of lukewarm water to for a paste. Apply and massage this paste to the affected area. Used regularly this mixture of cinnamon and honey can reduce or even eliminate arthritis pain.
  • Bad Breath- A common practice in South America. Mixing a teaspoon of cinnamon and honey with hot water and gargling can prevent bad breath for an entire day.
  • Bladder Infection- Two tablespoons of cinnamon and one teaspoon of honey mixed in luke warm water can help destroy any germs in the bladder. This will kill off any bladder infection.
  • Cancer- By taking one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon three times a day for one month. It is believed that both stomach and bone cancer can be cured.
  • Cholesterol- Mixed in green tea or hot water. Cinnamon and honey can help lower your cholesterol.
  • Colds- To give your immune system a boost as well as killing off any bad germs and clearing out your sinuses. A tablespoon of honey and a 1/4 teaspoon on cinnamon, mixed in luke warm water. Taken daily for 3 days will help you fight off the common cold.
  • Fatigue- The sugar content of honey can give the body that extra boost it needs to get through the day. People who mix cinnamon and honey in a warm glass of water will begin to feel more alert and well within a week of using these two ingredients.
  • Gas- Mixing cinnamon and honey can alleviate gas bubbles in the stomach.
  • Hair Loss- Mixing hot olive oil, a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon will form a paste. Apply this paste to your hair for about 15 minutes before you plan on having a bath or shower.
  • Hearing Loss- Taking an equal mixture of cinnamon and honey two times a day will prevent and restore hearing loss.
  • Heart Disease- A mixture of cinnamon and honey eaten regularly will help to lower your cholesterol, and revitalize the veins and arteries. This will help to prevent any heart attacks even if you have already had one.
  • Immune System- Daily use of both honey and cinnamon will strengthen the immune system. Meaning that you will get sick less often. It does this by preventing bacteria from entering the body and strengthening the bodies white blood cells.
  • Indigestion- Take honey and cinnamon and honey before meals to prevent indigestion. It does this by reducing the acid content of your stomach.
  • Influenza- Honey is said to help kill influenza germs helping you to get better quicker.
  • Longevity- Tea made with honey and cinnamon can help a person appear younger and feel younger if drank on a regular basis.
  • Obesity- To help you lose weight. Drink a teaspoon of honey and a half a teaspoon of cinnamon in hot water every morning before breakfast.
  • Pimples- Make a paste of cinnamon and honey. Apply to pimples before going to bed and wash off in the morning. This method will kill pimples at the root.
  • Skin Infections- Make a paste of cinnamon and honey and apply to skin infections such as eczema and ringworm.
  • Toothache- Make a paste of cinnamon and honey and apply to the aching tooth up to three times per day.
  • Upset Stomach- A mixture of cinnamon and honey can help to alleviate a stomach ache and even cure stomach ulcers.


Cinnamon Tree

Why Does Cinnamon and Honey Work?


Cinnamon has been used as a medical ingredient for many many years. Even as far back as the Egyptian times. Cinnamon has many medical uses as it is considered an mild anti-inflammatory, an anti-spasmodic, and it is said to have anti-clotting properties. Cinnamon is also said to have antimicrobial properties and is able to fight of some fungal infections.

It is even said that cinnamon is able to prevent the growth of cultured tumor cells.

The use of cinnamon is generally safe. However, it is suggested to not use cinnamon in large doses. It is best to speak to a medical professional before stopping any medical treatments and using a cinnamon treatment in it's place.


This traditional remedy has been used all over the world for many many years, as far back as the Ancient Greeks. And is still widely used all over the world today for it's medical properties as well as it's great taste.

Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is said to be one of natures best remedies. Curing and preventing many different illnesses.

Even with it's wonderful ability to fight off illness. Pure, raw honey can be unsafe for infants. Honey is at risk of containing botulism and to an infant with an underdeveloped immune system this can be quite dangerous.

It is best to speak to a medical professional before stopping any medical treatments and using a honey treatment in it's place.



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