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Faith, an important ingredient to losing weight.

Updated on December 23, 2016

Why we battle with diets.

96% of dieting is totally ineffective. Diets are the most popular and advertised method to lose weight and yet it is proven by independent scientific studies that 96% of the weight lost through dieting, comes back. Anyone that is figure conscious knows the full routine and vicious circle that we follow. First we are unhappy, so we diet, lose weight, stop dieting, gain weight and so we are off to diet again.

Dieting and weight loss is a 49 Billion dollar industry and so many fakes have jumped onto the bandwagon in order to get their little slice of this huge industry. There are new diets emerging on a weekly if not daily basis. Promises are being made. variations are being made such as the whole colon cleansing scam.All of them are designed to either convince you that once you use their product that you will be the person you aways dreamed of, or they use repulse marketing, so that you are so grossed out and hurry to buy their products. A good example of repulse marketing is from Dr Suzanne Gudakanst with her "Secret fat loss secrets" that shows you videos of worms and parasites that could be lurking inside of you.

Why are diets such a roller coaster affair? We are all created as being mind body and spirit. Problems in the spirit will affect the mind and body and problems in the body will also affect the spirit and mind etc. When we diet we are only ever looking at the body, which mostly is purely a symptom of the root cause. Often the root cause is not in the body, but in the mind or spirit, through what has been programmed into us, and according to what our own self sabotaging beliefs may be. When we remove the symptoms through dieting, the roots remain. It is similar to cutting a weed. After you have cut it, it seems to be gone but within a couple of days it will start to grow back again. However if you pull the root of the weed out, it will never grow again.

In order to achieve effective and permanent weight loss, we have to look past the body and into the mind and soul, in order to remove the self sabotaging beliefs that are within us. Once we have identified the root and destroyed the root, weight loss becomes automatic and does not reoccur, the root is removed.

God's way to lose weight

The best way to achieve effective and permanent weight loss, effortlessly.
The best way to achieve effective and permanent weight loss, effortlessly.

God's way to Weight Loss.

God's way to Weight Loss is a bible based system that looks at the root cause of your weight loss problem and removes the root cause. This system is not only for christians, but can be used by all. God's principles work for everybody, not just christians.

Dr Frank Smoot, the author of God's way to weight loss, is so confident that this system produces permanent weight loss, offers a lifetime guarantee. This is totally unheard of in the billion dollar weight loss industry, and so he must definitly be confident in the product. Rave reviews and results are the order of the day from all who have used his system, with most describing it as the weight just falling off with no real effort to lose weight.

Weight Loss God's Way is an extremely efficient treatment for emotional eating problems.


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