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Fake Pharma Exposed

Updated on January 29, 2018

If you bought your medication in the USA, most likely it is real. The same can be said for most of Europe, assuming it was not bought via Internet pharmacies or shady medical sources. In these areas, only 1-2% of the drugs are fake.

Fake pharma is a $75 billion industry and far easier than gold for profit. The packages are identical to the real deal, yet cost far less, even less than generic drugs. The difference is that 35% of them do not have the active ingredient, while 25% of them contain the wrong ingredient or far less than needed of the active ingredient. Without the active ingredient, the medication is useless and can be even dangerous. In the USA, recent cases involved cancer fighting Avastin. It was found that many did not contain the key active ingredient. The pills were made in Turkey and then shipped to Europe and eventually to Canada. From there, many bought the pills via reputable Internet Canadian pharmacies. In another case, tainted vials of Heparin were responsible for killing 149 Americans. The biggest fraud case involved Lipitor and Celebrex were smuggled into the U.S. from South America and re-sold after being re-packaged to conceal the true origin of the drugs.

While Americans are generally safe, in developing countries, like India, Africa, Pakistan, fake pharma drugs being purchased has reached dangerous levels. According to a recent study, 75% of counterfeit drugs supplied world over have some origins in India, followed by 7% from Egypt and 6% from China. Nearly all Indian pharma labs producing medication would be shut down if U.S. standards were imposed, according to India's drug regulator, Dr. Singh. In addition, 25% of India's pharma sold is fake. In Africa, the importation of malaria drugs remains vital, yet, 65% of all malaria drugs arriving in Nigeria from China or India are fake.

The dealers in this fake pharma industry earn thousands of dollars a day. The drugs get in through corrupt officials from customs, police, to top officials. The dealers take a real drug and package to a manufacturer in China or India. The dealer and manufacturer agree to the amount (like a huge shipping container filled with fake pharma) and cost. The end product is identical to the real one to the normal consumer. The only real difference to the buyer is the price. That should be the first red flag. Where the item is bought is the second red flag, especially if on the Internet.

If the online pharmacy is outside the USA, your chances that the pharma is not real.

One bag of thousands of fake viagra pills.
One bag of thousands of fake viagra pills.


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