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Family Emergency

Updated on May 23, 2009

Family Emergency

I haven't published due to a family emergency.  My brother called on Friday May 8th to inform me that he was to have emergency by pass surgery on his heart.  It was quite a shock and I immediately went into action to fly across the country from the Seattle area to Atlanta GA.  My brother who is a semi truck driver was on the road and fortunately woke up in his truck with angina serious enough to call 9-11. 

On Sunday May 10th I flew to Atlanta and began this journey with my brother to recover his health. 

I'm happy to report that he came through surgery easily (although he might describe it a bit differently) and is recovering beautifully. 

It was an emotional two weeks with lots of laughs, smiles, hugs, tears of joy and fear and several incidents of adrenalin for each of us.  I know our sibling bonds are tighter now and it was a rewarding experience for me. 

I will do my best to get back to my bathroom blogging for those of you who are anxious to read the next installment (yeah right). 


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    • Bypass Jim profile image

      Bypass Jim 8 years ago

      The relationship you have with your siblings is the longest you will have with anyone. I'm grateful to have a sister that, on this occasion, as well as a previous hospital stay has always put her life on hold to help. She is always there to help out anyone in our family. Tks Peg. I love ya. Jim