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Family Fitness in a Fast Food Age

Updated on June 21, 2014
Toddler Aerobics with Alison Cardoza
Toddler Aerobics with Alison Cardoza | Source

The Family Fitness Problem

The problem with a Family's fitness level today; is "Today"! Today, we live in a land where our favorite fast foods have been given enough preservatives that you can leave them on the counter for months without your meal deal growing green mold, like it should.

We live in a world today, that had genetic engineers modifying plants and insects. Their attempt to "Play God" is upsetting our entire Eco-system in a butterfly effect fashion.

Children no longer have just 1 TV that they have to fight the parents for. You don't even have to get up to turn the knob. Kids have a game-boy, and ipod/mp3, Xbox, a tablet and maybe even a computer or lap-top (or the borrow their parents). Their choices are sedentary electronics or sedentary electronics or sedentary electronics.

The Fitness Compass

The Best Family Fitness Program to date is undoubtedly, The Fitness Compass. The Fitness compass is an entire exercise and diet program for the entire family. It features Aerobics for Women, Weights for Men; and children's fitness programs. It truly is for every member of the family.

I used The Fitness compass myself, as a beta test and dropped 2 pants sizes, while packing on valuable muscle in just a few months. My kids both had fun and dropped weight. My wife started attacking me again. I could not recommend it more.

In addition to the dozen training videos; you get a program manual, work-out charts and a recipe guide. A ton of value for your buck. The complete package was valued at over $100.00; however you can now get it all for a low subscription rate (see video for details).

5 Family Fun Activities that are nearly FREE

  • Hiking (according to The Fitness Compass, walking 5 miles per week is all you really need)
  • Swimming (Swimming doesn't feel like exercise-but it's one of the Best!
  • Outdoor Games (Frisbee, Kickball, Badminton).
  • Gardening (The Kids love to dig in the dirt; and buy heirloom for anti-GMOs)
  • Visit the Park (a Healthy Picnic and playground equipment is good for the soul).


Desserts to Die (and Live) For!

The Fitness Compass said to eat plenty of Water melon, Cantaloupe, Strawberries, and Fat-Free/Sugar-Free Chocolate pudding made with skim milk for dessert. This was working for me greatly. They also recommended eating beans in your diet.

My wife found 2 recipe's involving Garbanzo Beans (AKA Chick Peas) that were to die for. The first; she called a pie, but was more like a brownie. The second one she said was a blond; but was like a peanut butter cookie. It used no oil, no eggs, no flour. Basically, you splurge with 1/2 bag of chocolate chips, and some brown sugar. The rest is actually healthy eating.

Both desserts were nutrient rich; full of protein, and fiber and tasted great. I think I liked the Brownie pie myself.

Garbanzo Bean (Chick Pea) Poll

Would you try a Dessert made from Chick Peas (Garbanzo Beans)?

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Eat Healthy to Save Money=Less Pills!
Eat Healthy to Save Money=Less Pills!

Organic (No GMO) diets

My Dad is on a no GMO diet. However, he has cut out all processed sugars. Especially anything with the words "High Fructose Corn Syrup". Pop told me that that's the phrase for all things GMO nowadays. He told me that he feels better than ever. He has dropped 30 lbs and a few pants sizes.

He joined a program that makes you get your supplies from them (food, vitamins). I don't recommend these. The Fitness Compass doesn't try to sell you anything else; they just educate you.

However, you can use these principles with the Fitness Compass. Stay away from sugars, including processed sugars. Buy Organic produce when possible, etc.

It's about choices

Last night, I make the choice to get on my elliptical and do 3 miles after dinner. Instead of ingesting a 700 calorie dessert, I burned off 700 calories.

This morning when I packed my lunch; I chose to pack 1 bratwurst (not the healthiest left-overs, but saves money) dog instead of 2. I would ordinarily pack 2; and if I splurged, I would eat 3.

By making these few choices today, I literally put my belt on it's last notch. I feel pretty good about it; and it wasn't all that hard. In fact, anybody can do it. Education is the key. If you can't make an educated decision; how would you expect to succeed in anything.

Your family is the most important thing in your life. It's your number 1 asset. It's your nest-egg (literally), your valuable treasure. How can you close your ears and eyes to all the warning on your Facebook news feeds. Instead, start your family on a healthy diet and exercise regime like The Fitness Compass today.

In Conclusion

To sum up; if you can replace a few negatives with a few positives ( chick pea brownies for real brownies; hiking for TV time, a 30 minute elliptical while watching your favorite show), you can really tell a big difference. The problem seems to be that we all need that little push or added knowledge to tell us what to do to fix our situation.

Pull a Nike, and "Just Do it!" Get off the couch and get into the gym. Order the fitness compass, and buy some chick peas. Buy a season pass to your local National or State park (If it's not free). Sure there is some cost involved here. However, you have to eat anyway. You will be buying something else; probably much less healthy, anyway. And you will save money on your next heart by-pass surgery; because you may not need it.

According to the Best study ever conducted on success, Napoleon Hill. This very wise man once said that our lives and situation that we are in today; is the direct reflection of our thoughts and actions over the past months. Therefore, if we want our future to be happier and healthier; then we have got to start acting like it. You have to plan and take steps to make that happen.

He recommends a Master mind alliance with experts in whatever field that you are trying to succeed in. In this case it's fitness. You can check out some books from your public library; or you can subscribe to The Fitness Compass. All of their instructors have bachelor's degrees in Exercise Science and have the proper trainer certifications as well.

Not to overly plug those guys, but like you; I like to know that I am going to the real masters for my master mind alliances. These guys definitely have the credentials.

Whatever your personal choice in a program is; I would start today. Don't wait another minute. You are worth it, and I'm sure that your family is worth it too.


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