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Famous Diabetics - I am Diabetic therefore I can do anything

Updated on February 12, 2018

I can do anything

There are some interesting connotations about being a diabetic.

There are some that believe it is a chronic illness with need for special consideration. This is of course the glass half empty view.

Others with the glass half full view will argue that diabetics can do anything and they arent wrong.

Dont believe me?

Well here are some famous diabetics that may help prove my point

Famous Diabetics

Halle Berry - Diabetic
Halle Berry - Diabetic | Source

Famous Diabetics

Nick Jonas - Famous Diabetics
Nick Jonas - Famous Diabetics | Source

Famous Diabetics

Randy Jackson - Diabetic
Randy Jackson - Diabetic | Source

Diabetics Ruling the World

Sir Steve Redgrave - Torch bearer of the London 2012 Olympic Games. 5 Times Rowing Olympic Gold Medalist and Diabetic.

Wasim Akram - Pakistan Cricketer and one of the most lethal fast bowlers, often colloquially known as the man that showed the world the power of reverse swing bowling... and Diabetic

Johnny Cash - American Singer, Songwriter who is also known as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century

Halle Berry - Former Fashion Model and now actress. Has received an Emmy, Golden Globe and Academy Award for her roles in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge and Monster's Ball. Hmm and a diabetic,

Nick Jonas - Better known for being one of the Jonas brothers, one of America's greatest boy bands.

Randy Jackson - Twenty-year music industry veteran and Grammy Award-winning producer Randy Jackson, who is also known for a little show called American Idol. Randy was recently diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic

Anne Rice - Much loved writer and author of Interview with a Vampire. She is one of America's most read authors. Her books are most famous for weaving supernatural worlds into reality to both entertain and challenge readers.

So the next time you are feeling sorry for yourself and wondering if you have been dealt a bad hand. remember

Whether its an Olympic athlete, Oscar winning actress or world's greatest writers. The world is indeed your oyster


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  • PippiPi profile image

    Pippi Pi 

    5 years ago from USA

    Good variety in your list. I like you included diabetics of various ages, from young to old. My favorite famous person is Mary Tyler Moore, she seems to be very honest and upfront about her diabetes and living with diabetes.

  • Brownie83 profile image

    Kelly Wagner 

    6 years ago from Arvada, Colorado

    Thanks for your homage to famous diabetics! It would be interesting to know what a "famous HgA1C" is! :)


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