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Famous Vasectomies & Vasectomy Poll

Updated on June 4, 2014

Audrey Hepburn & William Holden

Happy Days
Happy Days

William Hepburn Vasectomy

Vasectomy, never an easy subject but here I am today looking into why men have them? I am a bloke aged 32 and although I have no intention of have any more kids I still don’t fancy having a Vasectomy.

Surprisingly, it seems many men have them to stop their partners banging on about having kids, bit drastic if you ask me.

Take this story for instance, William Holden had already been married once with two children. As like many other relationships the first marriage did not work out.

He then romanced Audrey Hepburn who was 11 years his younger. Not surprisingly Audrey had that mother instinct and wanted William to settle down with her and have kids but William didn't like the idea, or as he put it in his autobiography:

The constant talk of marriage and babies was getting on my nerves, I went out and got a vasectomy, I did it to shut her up talking about babies”

Lol, bit extreme if you ask me…

It turns out Audrey dumped William as a result of the vasectomy gate scandal and eventually married Mel Ferrer.

William went on the rampage, asked the studios to send him around the world so he could escape the hurt of being dumped. Poor William thought sleeping with many beauties would help his heart ache. It didn’t!

William eventually got so drunk one night he fell and banged his head and died. Jeez what a frim story.

Now I’m thinking if he never had the Vasectomy, he would have had kids with the lovely Audrey Hepburn and would have lived a happier live than the drunken jealous one he had in the end, poor soul!

Now this wasn’t the vasectomy story I was looking to write however, after reading this story I had to share it.

I know for sure I won’t be having a vasectomy any time soon.

Vasectomy Question

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    • profile image

      Davidwork 5 years ago

      I'm aware of Bill Holden, because he is alleged to have had a brief but passionate affair in 1954 with Grace Kelly, who is my all time favourite actress.

      I knew about his affair with Audrey Hepburn, that she had rejected him for Mel Ferrer, and that he had said something like: 'I want to screw a girl in every country' but I hadn't heard this part of the story.

      No disrespect to the dead, but I think he was quite immature in some ways. He had serial affairs with lots of actresses, despite being married to a very attractive woman, Brenda Marshall.

      Perhaps what happened with Ms Hepburn gave him an excuse to have the vasectomy, as it would have given him the freedom to carry on his serial affairs without the risk of paternity suits!

      I'm not sure if his death was directly related to the Hepburn affair, as he died from the alcohol induced accident in 1981, nearly thirty years after he had been with her during the making of the film Sabrina in 1953.

      On vasectomies generally, it is each individual man's decision as to whether or not to have one, but it is certainly not a decision to be taken in haste.

    • gavelect profile image

      gavelect 5 years ago from Glasgow

      That's a pity, I would love to see hundreds of we Gregors running about with mustaches.

      Thanks for the comment

    • GregorMIller profile image

      Gregor Miller 5 years ago from Glasgow

      Whoa, don't think I would deprive the planet of the possibility of more Gregors