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Fantastic ways to shed extra weight condensed guide to exercise to impress other men or women

Updated on December 18, 2016


My dad Rowing my sister & myself in the 1974 flood
My dad Rowing my sister & myself in the 1974 flood | Source

Guys & Gals take note

Something to mention right off the bat is, and ladies don't shoot the messenger here but.
Men may more often than not, see quicker results than women.

This is because of the men having a higher metabolism due to extra muscle and an overall lower percentage of body fat. And I know or believe most red blooded guys like (let's say the obvious lady parts to be nice and big.) You know what I mean ;-)


Condensed guide to exercise tips plus

Are you tired of how out of shape your body has gotten? Then try out these great ways to Shed that extra Weight With These Simple Tips and advice from someone who has done it.

I don't want to put you off right up front but... Don't train too often as the results will be detrimental, not beneficial to your body. I actually got Scheuermann's, disease as a teenager. This is a deformity in the thoracic or thoracolumbar spine. I got this from pushing myself to lift too much weight in weightlifting. As a result I ended up with wedged vertabrae. You see I was going to be or trying to be at least, the next Arnold Schwarzenegger or Popeye as dad liked.

Yes I started weights at 16 and being a scout Be prepared is what I was doing. But this is also partly to do with the fact of I was bullied, picked on all the way through school. So building up muscle, I could re pay the favour to those people if need be. PLUS I was trying to impress the ladies.

Men are trying to build muscle to impress the ladies, while on the other hand, women are usually trying to lose weight, to impress the fellas.

BTW. Many women especially are fearful of becoming the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is the number 1 reason why, there are so many of you who don't lift weights. I can tell you this with absolute certainty. The fact is IF you are lifting or carrying smaller weights such as 3-5 kilograms this can help you increase your overall tone endurance and strength.

Now before you go and say he's just talking off the top of his head. I have done everything in here except for Boxing. I even have the weight loss chart from tracking how the plan I designed was working at Fat loss.

Something to mention right off the bat is, and ladies don't shoot the messenger here but.
Men may more often than not, see quicker results than women. This is because of the men having a higher metabolism due to extra muscle and an overall lower percentage of body fat. And I know or believe most red blooded guys like (let's say the obvious lady parts to be nice and big.)

Now for a serious question. Could you swim to survive? No really have a serious think on it, then check out the photos of the 1974 flood on here taken in Oxley in Brisbane. I put some below plus scattered throughout.


Me Swimming after the 1974 floods
Me Swimming after the 1974 floods | Source

General exercise tips

General exercise tips

If like me you want to get back into shape. And are not happy with your look or how you feel, test out the following exercise tips to help yourself get back in shape.

If you remain focused, staying committed to performing the exercises you like least, the other exercise will seem easier. With the exercises you know that you don't like, do them anyway. It's called taking some initiative. You will be proud of yourself like I was once you have achieved each of your goals. Over time you probably won't remember a time when you couldn't do the exercise or hated it.

You should jump into your workout but never without warming up first. A jog, Brisk walks or calisthenics as well as similar exercises, are great ways to warm up. It should be at least ten minutes long and low intensity. A Warm up increases the flow of blood that your muscles get, warms the muscles for greater pliability, and helps the joints stay lubricated.

Comfortable clothing and shoes, that allow your skin to breathe are extremely important, as is changing into dry clothes upon the completion of your workout.

Some people say for the best workout from cycling, you should keep your speed round 80 to 110 rpms. Therefore allowing you to be cycling for a longer time allowing your endurance to build up.

Should You squat facing towards the bench as if sitting down? No. When you do the squat, make sure to have the bench behind you. Lower yourself slowly as if you were going to carefully sit on some nails or something like that. Squats are good at toning most of your body.

You get an all over fantastic workout from swimming. The constant action of kicking is giving your body a cardio workout. All the while the constant act of balancing helps to tone your abdomen or core muscles, therefore doing core exercises.

Boxers are often some of the most fit people across the world. By you joining a boxing gym you get to use almost all of the resources. These often include nutritional advice and the like. One of the exercise you can try, which is good for cardio and your arms, is hitting a speed bag.

Climbing, will give an excellent workout. And if you couldn't guess is made up of lateral movements requiring traction and balance. This in it's own right is inherently different than running or walking which uses horizontal movements. You want to make sure that the shoes you buy are flexible with excellent traction and high sensitivity. This allows you to help maintain balance. That is of course if you want a successful climb.

Find yourself a workout friend or buddy to help you stay on track for achieving your desired fitness goals.This is just one of the surefire ways I found helped me as a result I reached my fitness goals.

If you dare Photo advice

BTW remember to show friends and family the pics with your clothes on. Unless you and they are that way inclined. YES I have been red faced over this once before. We had just finished making a couple of peices of let's say skimpy lingere.

A couple of our friends came over to visit. We were that wrapped up in how good the items looked we forgot about the ample quantities of bare skin. Oops...It only took about a week or so to recover from that experience, but our friends remind us every now and then.

Now for the fun bit FOOD plus tips

About vitamins and supplements
There is always some new wizz bang potion or pill for something BUT... Experts around the globe say Fish oil, omega 3 and mono unsaturated oils are highly beneficial to any diet. Also the fact you could help fill gaps in your diet by taking supplements. Try a complex tonic and multivitamin supplement. I found the Clements tonic really gave me a boost of energy and made me feel better.

Here are some tasty and nutritional combinations you could use to make your own protein shakes. Make yours taste great with some cocoa or vanilla powder, berries, yogurt, fruit, egg or egg substitute. Try to get creative, experimenting with different ingredients, without adding too many carbs or (carbohydrates) for short, will keep you wanting more, next time. Some people say that a way to build muscle up is by drinking protein shakes followed straight after your workouts.

Take before, during and after photos of the various parts of yourself plus whole body shots with and without clothes, throughout your journey. Take these photos out to help motivate yourself and use the photos for inspiration. You coulld even video yourself doing the exercises. Which you could even package and sell as a real life how to lose weight or the like.

The photos and videos can serve as the motivation to keep following the good habbits you have developed. The photos and videos can also act as a reminder of what you went through to get there and show how much you like your new physique. Be a show off like on the Jenny Craig or other adds, you should be proud.

Funny Print

Iam not trying to be a professional here, I am just an average Joe who has been there and done it several times in 40 plus years. I am not giving any medical, nutritional or any advice requiring a licence.

So if you have a health problem see a doctor. I can not be heldresponsible for any sore botties or damage you do, to yourself or others. Or if the sky falls etc etc.

TAKE note exercise advice and warnings

Exercise advice and warnings

Cardio or Cardiovascular exercise is a must, specially if you are trying to build muscle. Whilst at the outset it may seem boring, cardio offers a wide range of exercise routines. This will keep your workouts exciting while providing great benefits!

Regularly changing routines can help avoid the muscles falling into a plateau or routine and helps your body keep it's flexibility. Therefore spicing up your workouts.

If are pushing too yourself too hard, your pulse will be more than 10 bpm above your normal rate. According to some or most experts any or all muscle injuries should be exercised as soon as possible. Because if you don't the other muscles can become compromised.

With any intense workout like some described in this article, your muscles are tearing a little. This is why you will feel the burn from the exercise commonly shows up as soreness.

GrAb more hints and tips.

I am part of the team are part of the ausis group and team who are professional Solutions consultants and Colour restorers who specialise in a wide number of topics. For more info and all the latest news and information visit our websites at

Australian Fat loss
doctors info

More of the 1974 floods from Oxley Brisbane 4075 Australia

1974 floods rising
1974 floods rising | Source
1974 floods almost covered the house
1974 floods almost covered the house | Source
1974 floods more covered the house
1974 floods more covered the house | Source
How high 1974 floods had to get to cover the house about 7 meters
How high 1974 floods had to get to cover the house about 7 meters | Source


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    • ausis profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Australia

      Hi Thanks for your kind comments. I just did an ode to them at

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      6 years ago from Great Britain

      Very useful hub, l think.

      The pictures were rather sad, though. it must be awful to have floods like that.


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