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Fantasy to Reality; from Cyberspace to Real Life

Updated on August 19, 2015


Anders Behring Breivik, 32, has been charged for the attacks in Norway in which at least 91 people were killed.

The only time Norway enters the mind is during the Winter Olympics. Not much happens here. No riots, no high crime, no major disasters.

It appears to be a fairly homogeneous society with a high standard of living.

Then, on the 22nd of July it all changed.

With shades of Columbine and Virgina Tech; a wacked out psychopath who has moved bag and baggage into the 'character' he created in Cyber Space, plays 'Doom' with live ammunition and living targets.

The Cyber-Pleistocine

Between 1990 and 1998 creating a powerful nickname, an artificial biography, a 'dual' on a message board, was the extent of a mentally imbalanced character's venture into fantasy.

In some case, women would use male names to avoid being 'hit on', Schoolers would become Trolls , and the mundane mentality would invent himself as an expert or celebrity.

Powerless people would disperse frustrations by playing meaningless violent games like "Doom" which are 'disengage brain before engaging finger.'

With Columbine, the public began to perceive the use of the Internet as psycho
drama. 'Acting out ' one's problems, surmounting one's limitations in cyberspace
should be sufficient to dispel feelings of inferiority, powerlessness, anger.

It didn't.

The psychopaths of Columbine only practiced in cyber Space.

Modern Day

Since Columbine, every other wack job has a Web Page, maybe a You Tube Video, is involved in some kind of sicko-site and has exposed his warped brain to the world in some kind of blog.

Website entries under Breivik's name criticized European policies of accommodation
of the cultures of different ethnic groups, and claimed a significant minority of
young British Moslems back radical Islamic militancy.

"When did multiculturalism cease to be an ideology designed to deconstruct
European culture, traditions, identity and nation-states?"
reads one entry,
posted on Feb. 2, 2010 on the right-wing website

"According to two studies, 13 percent of young British Muslims aged between 15 and 25 support al-Qaida ideology," is in an entry dated Feb. 16 last year.

On his Facebook page he described himself as leaning towards right-wing Christianity.

Acting Out

The belief of psychologists that 'acting out' one's fears or anger is helpful has
been disproven. Acting out is a rehearsal. One builds and builds on their anger
or fear until it takes control and they physically act.

Playing Doom inoculated the Columbine nutjobs to see killing their fellow students
as no more than exploding a cartoon. The psycho who opened fire at Virgina Tech
exposed his twisted mind in a YouTube video.

The Norwegian spelled out his impressions, and although, being Norwegian is less
dramatic, it seemed that he was giving his justifications.

Were there actions real to them? Or as Real as a session on Doom?

The Use of the Internet

ISIS has taken advantage of this phenomenon. It has used the Internet as formal
invitations to twisted minds to become terrorists. Hundreds of these sickos are
flocking to Turkey to cross the boarder into Syria and commit murder.

It has made the Norwegian killer almost a prophet, and will, no doubt, turn him
from the hated animal who murdered 91 people into an example to be followed.

Breivik saw Muslim immigrants as terrorists in waiting. Considering recent events...many people are looking at him and thinking that he ought have trained his guns on that target.

It seems clear, what ISIS will provoke is not just twisted minds going off to die in Syria, but twisted minds killing everyone who might be attracted to ISIS.


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