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Fast Acne Treatment at Home

Updated on August 11, 2011

Acne is a word that most of us cringe at the thought of. At those that have experienced any type of Acne problem, which is probably the majority of people out there unless you were born lucky enough not to have over active glands. But, for those of us that do have a problem just like myself we spend thousands of dollars each year looking for the perfect cure for our acne problem.

We fill up dermatologist and drugstore shelves with all kinds of miracle cures that companies spend thousands on to get you to buy. Weather they truly work or not is on a individual basis but, myself on over the counter medications for acne have not had much success. I prefer more of a natural remedy for my problem with acne. I do not like to inhibit my body in other ways because of these chemicals that they use so here are some tips on how to prevent acne from within your body.

How to stop Acne at the Source in the Body

All of us that have acne problems find that the problem is actually what is going on inside of our own bodies. It could be something as simple as allergy that you may not even be aware of. Are bodies are constantly being invaded by chemicals of all kinds some help and others not so much by what we eat in our diets to the general air we breathe. The best way to remove these chemicals is every few months to use natural detox remedies. The chemicals that are all around us and in our bodies can cause hormonal changes and are the leading cause of acne. There are many solutions with natural remedies online that you can use as well as many books on the topics by many great authors so I suggest you check some of them out.

One simple and natural way to prevent or help cure the acne that is present is to drink plenty of pure water. Water helps the body remove harmful toxins and hydrate us enough so those toxins are pushed out of the body naturally. Your skin will start to look healthier and you will see a dramatic difference in the onset of acne just by drinking a few more glasses of water per day. Also if you are a tea lover green herbal tea also contains natural antioxidant’s that help with creating soft skin.

How to Stop Acne at the Source Outside the Body

When looking for skin care products that you can use on for the treatment of acne on the outside one good ingredient to look for on the labels is honey. Now I know it sounds weird because it is sweet and taste good most things like that start acne. But honey actually has many natural enzymes that can help slow or put an end to he growth of bacteria on your skin or face. Honey like the green herbal tea is also rich in natural antioxidant’s that can help with the removal of free bacteria that grows on your face throughout the day. The antioxidants found in a lot of natural products can help heal scarring and dirt buildup under your skin. The honey ingredient that you find does make the natural products cost a little more but well worth it.

A lot of people have come under the myth that washing your face all the time or more often than a couple times a day actually helps the onset of acne. But this is actually counterproductive in the pursuit of removing and preventing acne. It actually makes your face too dry which then causes the oil glands under your skin to produce that much more oil to balance it out. Which in the end will create more dirt and oils to get stuck in your pores and cause more acne to develop. If you are unsure what type of skin that you have consulting a dermatologist on the best skin conditioner will help prevent this from happening? Also as always if you are unsure about treatment always consult your doctor first but these tips may help so give them a try.


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