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Fast Hemorrhoid Relief

Updated on June 26, 2011

1 in 20 Americans suffer from hemorrhoids and seek a cure to hemorrhoids. Relief from hemorrhoid pain can be obtained using a few different methods. Some of the more common ways to get pain relief from hemorrhoids include using prescription drugs, creams and lotions, and natural hemorrhoid cures.

Creams and gels come under various brand names and can be found in almost any pharmacy or drug store. Most don't require a prescription and they can usually be purchased at a reasonable price. Most creams and gels work by targeting the symptoms of hemorrhoids; this is often done by reducing the swelling of the hemorrhoid. Creams and gels do seem to provide some form of pain relief " especially when applied several times daily as directed. The downside of using creams and gels for hemorrhoid relief is that they can be annoying and difficult (not to mention painful) to apply. Applying cream 4 times daily is not always a realistic option, especially for those in the workforce. Another downside to using creams is that they can sometimes irritate the skin, and often cause a feeling of burning to the patient " how painful this feeling is varies from patient to patient.

Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen can successfully provide relief from hemorrhoid pain. Just like any painkiller - these work to numb the pain and therefore there is no chance of curing the problem. Long term results through using these types of pain killers will not be obtains but they can provide good temporary pain relief.

Ancient Chinese remedies have gained in popularity in recent times. There current popularity is partly thanks to the wider acceptance of the medicines amongst Western and American medical experts. Natural hemorrhoid remedies can be very effective in not only pain relief from hemorrhoids but also in curing hemorrhoids altogether.

Pain relief can also be found through modifying your diet to include foods which are high in fober. Vegetables, fruits and cereals are a good place to start as all contain good amounts of fiber.

One tip for quick temporary hemorrhoid relief is to apply a small amount of vinegar to the hemorrhoid. This will reduce itching and burning and will also relieve pain through reducing the inflammation of the hemorrhoid.

Aloe Vera is another natural product which can be used to reduce inflamation. You can use Aloe Vera by cutting int the leaf of the plant and rubbin the gel into the hemorrhoid.

The above suggestions will only provide short term hemorrhoid pain relief. Long term pain relief through totally curing the hemorrhoid can usually be obtained fairly easily.


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      Todd Mac 

      9 years ago from Oregon

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      10 years ago

      This info is much appreciated! Thanks


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