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FAST Secrets On Getting Ripped Chest For Men

Updated on April 29, 2011

Set Your Goals

Alright first and foremost, I wouldn't want to be talking smack like those internet marketing sites that talks a whole load of crap that gets you excited but never really reveal anything unless you buy their E-Book. Well what happens you bought em? You just wasted your $?? amount of cash getting information which you could have gotten for free from in your neighborhood bookstore or from a men Magazine.

Okay so you think you're overweight, skinny or just plain out of shape. And recently, you came to realize that you want to be looking fit and healthy. Perhaps boosting your confidence and social situations with your new perceived outlook. Whatever your reason may be, you should be proud of yourself for taking this bold step of taking charge of your life!

The most important thing in getting ripped QUICK is to know that being persistent and consistent is the key. First you need to establish your ideal goal. Yes its like your auto insurance so your goal must be specific and is given a time frame. Of course it must be realistic and achievable. For example, you weigh 90kg now and in 2 weeks you want to weigh in at 85 kg. That is realistic and achievable. Another thing to note in for is to FOLLOW AND WORK TOWARDS YOUR GOAL. Yes, i cannot stress this any further. What is the point of setting up a goal if you do not work towards it? And say you fail to meet your goal after two weeks because u weigh at 86kg. Don't feel demotivated and down, instead you should see the effort is heading towards your ultimate goal of maybe 70kg. Okay lets get to the point which is the reason why you are reading this. Today I will be providing some FAST secrets to have a wider and larger chest.

Pathway to Schwarzenegger

Its easy to set up goals ain't it? This part actually involves some real demonstration of exercises for different parts of your body which could be done in getting your tank like body. But first here are few tips you should know before starting:

i) Be consistent on your workout. Do not get tangled up into your video games, social life, business or just plain laziness. There is always time for your workout. If you can't spend 2-3 hours in a gym. Then swipe your credit card and get some dumbbells to work out at home for at least 1 hour. Whatever your job may be from a tax attorney, dui lawyer, mba degree student or broker, make time for your workout!

ii) Give the part of your muscle that you worked out today to have around 48 hours of rest before working out the same part.

iii) Eat right. Do not skip meals and try getting as much proteins as you can from your meals to speed up muscle recovery.

iv) Give at least 2 weeks for some result.

Doing it Schwarzenegger Style

I will briefly describe and illustrate the important and general parts of working out. Just follow the pictures and the reps recommended for maximum effect.

Incline Dumbell Press (for bigger and wider chest)

Okay firstly start of with a super-set shown in the above diagram. Set your bench into 90 degree angle and hold up an appropriate dumbbell (heavy does not mean faster and bigger muscle as it may only strain and burn out your muscle). Do 8 reps. After that set your bench to 45 degree and do another 8 reps (resting only 10 seconds in between). This would account as 1 super-set. Take 30-60 seconds break and continue doing the same routine 3 times. This workout provides you with a larger and wider frame through your chest and shoulders.


i) 8 reps - 90 degree dumbbell press (Rest 10 seconds)

ii) 8 reps - 45 degree dumbell press (Rest 30-60 seconds)

Continue doing this super-set 3 times!

Bench Press (chest)

After the previous super-set. Take a few minutes of break and continue with your next super-set.

Start off doing a bench press. Lying down flat on your back, do 6 reps. Immediately after that, follow up with a bar pull up.

Bar Pull Up

Do 6 reps of pull ups and take a 1 minute break. After that start all over with the bench press, repeating the routine for 4 sets.


i) 6 reps - bench press

ii) 6 reps - bar pull up

Repeat this super-set 4 times!

V-Dip (chest)

Finally, after finishing both super-set shown above, your last chest workout would be V-dip shown in the above figure. Start of by holding the handles and slowly lowering your body until you can feel the strain in your chest region. Do this for 15 reps.


i) 15 reps - V-Dip

Repeat this twice!

SAY hello to your bigger and wider chest in just 2 weeks!

Looks easy right? Have fun working out your chest muscle and remember that procrastination will never get things done. Do not be downed if the results do not arise as expected. If it is followed continuously, the results will definitely show anyhow. However if done right, usually results start to show around 2 weeks! HAVE FUN!

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    • profile image

      mirin! 5 years ago

    • profile image

      heman170 5 years ago

      how often are u supposed to do this workout?

    • profile image

      baric 5 years ago

      Don’t waste your time in the gym doing rigorous workouts that is not going to get you the results that you want. The only thing that is going to get you the muscle definition of pro-fitness models, or bodybuilders, is developing a plan that is going to provide you with specific details on what is needed in achieving your goals.

    • profile image

      sen 6 years ago

      lol.great job

    • Jbern117 profile image

      Jbern117 6 years ago from Dunmore, PA

      Nice hub, great diagrams too!