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Fastening Your Metabolism by Burning Calories and Carbohydrates

Updated on June 21, 2011

To fasten the metabolism of your body, you need special foods that come with iodine, fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates, caffeine, chromium and folic acid. These elements have the ability to burn calories fast.

Chromium to Fasten Metabolism

Chromium is particularly useful in metabolizing carbohydrates as well as fats. Chromium is often contained in foods such as chicken, beef, liver, spinach, brewer’s yeast and wheat germ. Eat these foods and you will get a boost in your metabolism.

Fiber and Carbohydrates to Fasten Metabolism

Vegetables, fruits and grains are all foods that have a pretty high concentration of both fiber and carbohydrates. These 2 substances keep the insulin level in your body balanced for a minimum of a few hours which should be more than enough. This is of utmost importance because if the insulin level in your blood is not balanced, your body will begin to stock fats and this is not a good thing to happen, of course. By eating foods with fiber and carbohydrates, you stand a chance of fastening your metabolism rate around 10%.

Calcium to Fasten Metabolism

Calcium can be found on various foods including cheese, yogurt and also milk that has a low fat amount. Calcium is very effective in increasing metabolism. As a matter of fact, according to the expert nutritionists from the United Kingdom, those who consume calcium of around 1200-1300 mg or even more per day often prove to lose their weight twice as fast compared to those with lower daily calcium intake.

Iodine to Fasten Metabolism

Shellfish, fish, eggs and also sea vegetables are what you will have to search to consume iodine. Iodine has a potential of increasing metabolism because it makes use of thyroid. The seeds of six grounded apple is also recommended in this case.

Vitamins to Fasten Metabolism

Vitamins are good in most cases and this does not exclude increasing metabolism rate. The vitamin B6 is particularly effective in this case. It can normally be found in beans and nuts. Fortunately, vitamins can also help you shed some pounds off your weight and they can quite easily be found in any fruits and vegetables you can think of.

Folic Acid to Fasten Metabolism

The ideal places to look for folic acid are often in fortified cereals. Besides enhancing the metabolism of your body, folic acid also makes your body cleaner and your immune system stronger.

Caffeine to Fasten Metabolism

Tea and coffee are the most popular diets that are known to have a pretty high concentration of caffeine. By simply taking up 2 to 3 cups of either coffee or tea day in day out, you will be able to burn your calories a lot faster than if you don’t.

After all being said, it is highly recommended that you consume foods that burn calories faster to fasten your metabolism rate.

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