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Starving Yourself To Lose Weight Tips Without Any Side Effect

Updated on August 15, 2015

If you see, our whole life has become food centric. We eat so much. Eating chains like McDonald, pizza hut and other induce people to eat more. Thus our stomach works 24 hours of day,7 days a week and 365 days of year. Ultimately we are seeing so many people who are overweight. However there is solution to overcome this problem that is fasting.

What Is Starving?

Starving is to be not to eat anything and keeping away from food,grain and other items.It is very controversial subject.

Should Starving be avoided or does it Work?

Starving is helpful for losing weight but it should be done intelligently to lose weight.Starving or fasting should be done in 1 days in a week or 15 days.It does work on body and is beneficial for weight loss.If it is done in proper way,then it doesn't have any side affect.

Starving for long time should avoided

1.It makes your body weak.It affect your eyesight and your digestion.

2.By starving or fasting for long time,body cells becomes to decay and body try to use left calories,it result in appereace of wounds in body.

3.It makes immune system of the body weak thus your body become susceptible to many diseases.

Starving from food means fasting.Fasting is very beneficial for the body. It is the time to give rest to your stomach. In whole life, we only eat and rarely fast. Our most of the time in life goes in eating and sleeping. Our stomach is like machine. A machine needs a rest after continuous use. In same way our stomach demands that. At least one day in 15 days one should fast.

Benefits Of Starving Or Fasting

Whether it is fasting for weight loss or religious purpose, our whole body clean due it. All the harmful chemical that remain stuck in our body due to continuous eating begin to release when we do fasting. Fasting repairs stomach and other parts of the body.

1.It is helpful in reducing the pimples and makes your skin glowing. Especially our mouth gets time to rest that otherwise chew that or other thing. If you have loose motion or constipation problem, then fasting cures it.

2.Fasting Refreshes Your Eating habit-It is seen that during fasting, Fasting frees you from boring eating habit. Thus after fasting you assimilate healthy food style. Thus helpful in decreasing weight. It is makes your mind more active as your stomach not remain engaged in eating. Most important is that you begin to value the food you are eating rather than complaining about it and it becomes more relishable.

Fasting And Weight Loss
Fasting And Weight Loss | Source

Fasting And Weight Loss

Today many people are doing fasting to reduce their weight. Fasting for weight loss is completely different from fasting on religious festival. Generally fasting for one day in a week or 15 days is good and it is not harmful and good for health.

Fasting for more than one day is dangerous and it leads to weakness, weariness, legs and hands pain. In fasting your body use its stored energy thus your calories burns and it results into reducing the weight.

In scientific research,it is shown that you lose some weight during fasting but it is easily compensated by next day eating.It is only a myth that person doesn't lose weight because of fasting.If is helpful to associate fasting for weight loss with religious festival that normally happens in christian,Hindu and Muslim community.

Foods Can Be Eaten For Weight Loss

Fasting is the one of the way to weight loss but there are other foods that can be helpful in weight loss.It includes fruits,milk and milk products.

Bannana-Usually in fasting we eat banana so we don’t feel appetite. Banana makes you feel that you stomach is full.You also feel energetic by this.Thus it helps in weight loss.

Black pepper-Black pepper looks and taste like red chilli but it is great weight loser.It reduces the fat level in the body.Just sprinkle it in any food you like.Thus with little food you feel satisfied.

Apple-Apple is the great way to weight loss.For that you just have to eat one apple a day.It reduces the food intake.It also helps is regulating the sugar level in blood.Along with that it makes your skin glowing.

Asparagus-Asparagus is the for the fruit that is normally eaten for weight loss and reducing blood sugar.It magically reduces your hunger,still after eating this you feel that your stomach is feel.For weight loss it should be eaten as such.

Curd-Curd is the best remedy for all types of stomach problem.Whether you have lose motion or acidity just small bowl of curd is enough.It repairs your digestive system.It cuts your body fat.For maximum benefit,it should be taken without mixing anything in it.

See Interesting Video On Fasting and Weight Loss

Fasting Is Not Recommended For These People

If you have weakness in your body then by fasting you heath can deteriorate more.People who have heart disease or some disease like jaundice, typhoid,they should avoid fasting.


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    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 3 years ago from sunny Florida

      Fasting always makes me feel so much better all over including mental acuity.

      I have been fasting these two weeks before Christmas. I have fruit and broth ..the broth to keep electrolytes working well..and drink water water water.

      Angels are on the way to you. ps

    • Sunder1 profile image

      rahul 3 years ago from India

      Thanks for encouraging comment vocalcocach,fasting is really helpful in looing weight

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 3 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      My son goes on long periods of fasting. He claims he feels so good afterward. It also makes him realize how others feel that don't have food to eat.

      Thanks for this hub. I will share it.

    • Sunder1 profile image

      rahul 3 years ago from India

      Thanks for sharing this post

    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 3 years ago from Australia

      Very interesting facts on fasting thanks for sharing :)