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Fasting for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness

Updated on March 24, 2015

We Are So Much More than a Physical Body

It goes without saying that the magnificence which is a human being is so much more than just a physical body. Along with physical, there are emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that exist together and one should strive for wellness and harmony for total health. Fasting is one method of an effort to wellness that affects every part of our being.

While not limited to fasts that involve just water or juice, the benefits of at least an occasional fast will:

* Give the digestive system a rest

* Help you lose weight

* Allow the body to cleanse and detoxify

* Promote an increase in mental clarity

* Heal and cleanse emotional patterns

* Increase energy level

* Enhance your spiritual connection with self by promoting an inner stillness

Fasting: The "Miracle Cure"

Many times, fasting is called the "miracle cure" because there a known and numerous physical ailments that are improved. Included in the list are arthritis, allergies, asthma, heart disease, conditions of the skin and digestive disorders of all kinds. Fasting works because it initiates the physical body's own healing mechanism and hence, ailments of almost any kind can be improved.

Fasting frees up energy so that the body can begin healing itself. When fasting, we are resting our bodies from constant intake of food. Often, eating has been thought of as a way to get energy, but actually eating requires energy. In fact, it requires a great deal of energy to digest, assimilate and metabolize the food we eat. By freeing up this energy, the energy can be diverted toward healing and recuperation.

Fasting to Lose Weight

One of the greatest benefits of fasting is the relatively rapid weight loss that can be experienced. Although professionally supervised fasts are recommended for those who suffer from serious obesity, fasting to "jump start" a new diet can change one's attitude and tastes toward more wholesome and natural foods. Fasting can also provide the insight necessary to make changes in habits and lifestyle so much more easy to accomplish.

Benefits to Mental and Emotional Aspects with Fasting

Mental and emotional cleansing takes place when one fasts. Emotionally speaking, one can feel calmer and happier. Fasting also improves mental clarity and focus. Depressions can be lifted and obstacles, put into proper focus, can make goals appear to be more attainable. As a result of fasting, physicians have reported that their patients benefit from improved concentration, much less anxiety, better sleep and then waking with a feeling of being more refreshed.

The Spiritual Benefit of Fasting

Fasting has powerful affects on one's spiritual connection and the greater sense of kinship it can promote with one's inner being. By refraining from taking foods into the system, the physical self takes on a less dense feeling.

There begins to be a subtle separation from everyday physical reality and the worldly things it is made up of and promote the presence of things beyond the worldly - along with the power of these things.

Post-Fast Routine:

Regardless of how long or brief the fast (remember, the LONGEST a human body can refrain from food NATURALLY and maintain naturally nourished wellness is 28 days), do not return to your "old" habits of eating. Strive to do the best you can toward eating what you 'FEEL.' This would reveal to you what your body really needs for renewed health and appropriated, more properly distributed weight. If you are unsure, DON'T EAT. Don't eat just because a clock says it is 12:00 noon or 7:30 a.m. or 5:00 p.m. Wait until you actually feel your mouth DROOL a little and try to FEEL what your body is CRAVING for. Don't PIG OUT. Eat slowly or until you begin to feel full (no tummy growl). Work toward a VEGAN diet...and you will live healthfully ever after.


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