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Fasting outside, physical and psychological health benefits scientifically proven beautiful fantastic!

Updated on March 23, 2016

Fasting is one of the old habits and practices as history in a range of civilizations, as some people associated with religious practices and when others are cultural traditions with well-established connotations.

Modern science has proven, through a variety of studies and experiments, the benefit of fasting on the individual's health and psyche alike. Through this article, Sarafan more on the benefits of fasting scientifically validated, and the modes of effective.

- The benefits of fasting:

Several benefits of fasting are beneficial to health, spirit and thinking. It helps to improve the capacity of absorption of thought and understanding, making the mind burning.

Speed ​​up the answer. It also will fortify the body against germs and disease by strengthening the immune system. Not only this, but that fasting is also working to protect the skin and the regeneration of skin cells in people who suffer from eczema and acne.

Fasting and fights diabetes as it helps people to avoid the bad effects and Tvaqmath severe, as it is the ghost of depression and psychological disorder. When people with cancer, fasting contributes to the reduction of the pace of growth and spread of cancer cells. Fasting also provides an ideal solution for those wishing to increase appetite and weight control.

- Do you want to experience? Here's the first step:

We will talk about fasting, which you can try out the scope of religious rites. If you would like you like to enter into this world, you must first and foremost be Theda goal of fasting, and time how long, in your opinion, to achieve these goals.

After that comes the test and selection stage, to determine how best that go along with your preparations and physical qualifications, as well as the results that you would like to achieve them.

The way that you can follow the fast does not necessarily mean to refrain completely from eating and drinking, but he can continue to eat certain foods at specific intervals to ensure the functioning of daily activities normally work and sports, among others.
Then you must find a way that will make you the benefits of fasting Jenin better.

- How do you determine the best way?

We will explain to you in the following set of methods that have proven effective in achieving the ideal set of results when many people.

The first advice is not to rush in and foot on fasting for two consecutive weeks or more. Start fasting intermittently alternately, even train your body before passing to the long periods of time. But people who suffer from nutritional disorders such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa do not advise this kind of fasting.

It was among the fasting intermittently alternately useful in the following cases:

- Lose weight:
This type of fasting is a solution comparable to its results in the method of restricting calorie intake, weight loss in a healthy way, it also works to protect the heart, and the fight against Type II diabetes. This type of fasting and allowed to eat small amounts of food, which prevents the feeling of hunger.

- Mitigate the effects of asthma:
Feel with asthma and those who suffer from overweight significantly improved following the followers of this kind of fasting.

- Delay aging:
Proven laboratory experiments conducted on mice that this kind of fasting protects the brain and thus can delay aging.

- The most effective ways to take advantage of the benefits of fasting:

It requires intermittent fasting, fasting specific periods of relatively short, regular, alternating manner, which makes do something facilitator and possible throughout the year and without the effects of Tzkraly daily activity, in contrast to the overall and continuous fasting for several days.

Among the most common methods in the world for this type of fasting, which has become is a way of life for many people, it may be mentioned the following items.

- Fasting two days a week:

In this method, the person eating as normal for 5 days, and devoted two days of fasting, which deals only with a snack and one worth no more than 500 calories, and during the whole day.

You can choose the two days A spank better, Tuesday and Friday, for example, or two others.
To Being an idea of ​​the nature of the meal that can be dealt with on the day of your fasting, you can do a quick search on the World Wide Web. You can, for example, eating two eggs and salad twice a day.

- Fasting 16 hours a day:

In this type of fasting, the individuals to reduce the time span in which their diets addresses to 8 hours, and abstain from eating in the remaining two-thirds of the day (16 hours).

And you can eat two meals to 3 meals in the eight hours allowed to eat them, and in the remaining 16 hours, you can simply drink water, coffee, and tea to avoid feeling hungry.

You should eat a healthy and reasonable quantities to get good results, there is no Tosrovi eating in eight hours for fear of feeling hungry, but Follow a balanced diet and a balanced quantities.
If your diet does not contain a lot of carbohydrates, you'll notice that this kind of fasting at your convenience.

- Fasting on the day or two full days each week:

This method has been adopted by the Canadian Brad Pillon, a specialist in the science of nutrition. This method relies on fasting the whole day, from midnight to midnight the next day. And in a simple, fast starts in this case since the end of last meal and ends at the beginning of the meal pro, to be between the diets were a full 24 hours.

For a ruler goals, avoid doubling the amount of eating the next day, and eat your meals routinely.

This method is more difficult than the previous two, especially after the first hour of the fast passage, so it is advisable previous polls a way, any fasting 16 hours a day, and then increase the time gradually until you pray to a full day of fasting. To avoid feeling hungry, eat a dose of water from time to time.

- Fasting on the day and breakfast the next day:

After being able to do the previous way, you can experience a full day fasting two days, and we recommend you start this way since the beginning because they That ma trained and synthesis of the body so that he can afford it.
To help the body to tolerate it and do normal activities normally, you can eat some food not to exceed the daily calorie intake of 500 calories.

- Warrior Diet:

Warrior Diet relies on fast during the day, then eating a normal meal in the evening, where only the Tracker system to eat some fresh vegetables in the day (about 20 hours), and then addresses the complete meal at the end of the day.

The adoption of this method after the body's response analysis and interaction with the hard times, especially in the case of veterans who do not have enough time for meals on the length of daylight.

And it has compared these results with studies on dietary habits warriors in ancient times, to be the conclusion of this system in the form Althaia.Oeetm focus and emphasis on eating vegetables on nature without cooking.

- Fasting sudden:

If you're the type who is not subject to his rigorous system, Taatnkulain different times, in making appointments and meals are not fixed and vary from day to day, the roads mentioned above mentioned may seem inappropriate or impossible in view.

Some studies suggest the body in its normal; we can afford to live without eating, drinking sufficient for about 3 months.

So can dispense with a meal or two meals from one day to another, this would give you the results encourages you. If you are someone who travels and travels a lot, you can dispense with, for example, eating a takeaway on the train, bus or plane, and contented himself with eating a few drinks to avoid feeling hungry.

Also, if you plan to eat creamy dinner with friends, skip the food and Amish, which Zbkanaa.

- It means that will help you to engage in fasting procession:

Among the useful and effective means, which will help you to go ahead and take advantage of the benefits of fasting, accompany the water and pick up a bottle with you wherever you traveled and analyzed. The single resorption dose capable of paying the specter of hunger and surrender to the temptation to eat a meal.

Thus, Tien hungry outside the scope of your thinking, and Taatmknyn continue your fasting and unusual manner.

The second way to ensuring the quality of your diet. Not Taatadhira frequently concerns not MAKE sudden pretext of fasting to eat all up to you from your food. Always careful to choose your meals carefully, not your belly MAKE wastebasket accept any food you find, without Haseeb manned by a sergeant and upholds it.


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