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Fasting with Break for Health: Happier Slim and Healthy Life

Updated on March 9, 2016

Methodology Underlying Intermittent Fasting

Health depends as much on your determination as on the love your mother pours on you. My routines proceed smoothly thanks to my mother. Well certainly for many of us, this affection and bond has shifted to our wives and children. Let me expand this point a bit. Mother deprives herself for me, just to make sure that I am healthy. And that in essence is what intermittent fasting is all about.

Right, now we know what fasting is like. We forgo something in order to achieve a better standard of living. When I say fasting, I don’t mean starving. Never! What I mean is having breaks between meals that are longer than the usual three to five hours. Do you throw a tantrum and create a ruckus when your meal is delayed by ten minutes?

We do not understand many of the traditional practices that we follow. All religions have a period in the course of the year, when all the people undertake fasting. Why is this? You will not find anyone talking about the whys and wherefores of this practice. And I guess, people who have evolved from the Stone Age man to the present internet man must have discovered something worthwhile in this practice.

Variations In Method Of Fasting

That said let us consider the various types of fasting. There is alternate day fasting, the 5-2 method of fasting and intermittent fasting. Alternate day fasting is begin by the courageous people. One must have enormous will power to look at food and say, “NO!” When you wake up in the morning, you are already 8 hours hungry. Then you have to go through another 24 hours of hunger. Tough! The 5-2 method is much simpler in that you get to choose the days you want to go hungry. Well...not entirely hungry but you have to stay within the 500 Calorie limit (600 Calories for men).

Now for the intermittent type of fasting, that is what this book is all about. In this you decide how long you want to fast. Isn’t that fun? I mean, you look at the dinner table and get the feeling that you ought to fast. Begin your fast immediately. There is no covincing or coaxing, no sales talk and no excuses. It either begins or it doesn’t. Then once you feel you have fasted enough, you can break the fast with some light snack (or a heavy meal).

Obviously, this method of fasting, being flexible is most desired. It addresses important helath considerations like cellular repair and gene expression. When your body gets more time to sit down and think (when you fast), it begins to do lots of repair and throws out the trash. The DNAs begin to react to the environment and bring up their collective fight against unecessary pathogens and diseased genes.

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Diseases and Effect of Intermittent Fasting

Alzhiemer’s disease is one of the most deadlier diseases since we do not have a cure for it yet. Onset of this neurodegeneraive disease can be delayed through intermittent fasting. This was actually observed in a study of Alzheimer’s patients. This has led to the hope that this method of fasting could be effective against other related diseases like Huntington’s disease.

Other advantages include reduction of oxadative stress and inflammation. Other than augmenting brain health, intermittent fasting could help you avoid cancer. It also helps reduce chemotherapy side-effects. It shows positive indications for health markers. The tests however were conducted on mice. These showed LDL and total cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides in blood and markers for inflammation. There is decrease in risk of type2 diabetes.

As already mentioned human growth hormone levels increase by as much as four times. This helps you build muscles easilyand burn fat faster. What, feeling slim and fit already? The actual gain is in the insulin level drop that helps the body become less sensitivity. This adds up as reduced belly fat and therefore drop in body weight. You will experience increased metabolic rates up by 9 – 11 % and weight drop of 6 – 7%.

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Source of Our Genes

We have various theories regarding life and survival. Ancient man did not always have food waiting for him on the table. He had to go hunt for it, he had to go empty stomached for several days at a time. It was during this period that he lived for more than 100 years and had a strong constitution.

When you are playing a game, in order to score a goal, you have to traverse the entire length of the field. You cannot stop somewhere in between and score.

One study conducted back in 1920s studied the effect of reducing calories on mice. There was a significant increase in the lifespan of the mice. This experiment was repeated recently on a wide range of lifeforms that included roundworms, monkeys and fruit flies. The study showed increased the lifespan by one-third when the calorie consumption dropped by 30% – 40%. This increase in healthiness of the organism is achieved through a combination of steps that included increased insulin sensitivity, self-control over the emotional feelings towards food and hunger and better perception of the self.

In another study, mice were seen to develop Alzhiemer’s disease at a faster rate if they were not ‘fasting’ mice. It seems the mice were able to avoid interactions with IGF-1 a type of hormone in our body. When the level of IGF-1 drops, the body becomes stronger. This precisely is what intermittent fasting does, you are able to withstand destructive forces better. It is also the case with cabage and broccoli. These vegetables help our body tougher because they contain some minutes traces of poisonous substances that give it the bitter taste. Again this has to do with lowering the pro-active substance in the body that we can achieve through intermittent fasting. Reduction of toxic substances in the body is achieved. Though scientific explanation for this has not been recorded, most of the body organs do their own cleansing as observed with skin, lungs, liver and colon. By reducing or cutting out the food that is the input, we can make the body rid more toxins over time.

Check your Memory

Go to this site and do this test there. It will show you your memory power. Now intermittent fasting impoves memory power. It is influenced by the levels of BDNF. BDNF is brain-derived neurotrophic factor and is present in the brian. It helps protect the brain from dementia. Fasting decreases sugar levels and subsequently the sensitivity to insulin. Being diabetic increases possibility of diseases like brain diseases, heart attacks, strokes and blindness.

Word of Caution

Fasting is dangerous if you have a weak body or any medical conditions. People with high blood pressure or heart diseases should not consider undergoing fasting. And even the normal people should do so with strict supervision for the first few days. The reason is that the abrupt drop in energy levels could make a person weak. They might collapse and unless there is some person watching over them, disastrous things could happen.

Intermittent fasting is kind of ‘strict-unrestricted’ fasting for health schedule. Before fasting take medical tests for your sugar, pressure and other conditions. Also do not forget the memory test. Note it down so that you are able to compare it with the result you get after your fasting regime. That should make a believer out of you for good.

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