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Fat Burning Foods - Probably Not What You Wanted to Read

Updated on March 12, 2010

Fat burning foods. It gives me the goosebumps every time I hear this expression. What I really have hard time getting my head around is that if people still believe that there are magic tricks to losing weight and they just haven't found it yet, or there is something else makes them look for this kind of answer.

Probably getting the basics of burning excess fat down right at the start is a good idea, so here we go. Your body is an almost perfect solution to a problem nature encountered. Here we are, protein based living creatures, and to function we need to make energy.

French fries   Photo by Gudlyf
French fries Photo by Gudlyf

While plants are able to make energy out of combining carbon-dioxide and sunlight we're not that lucky. Our way of transmuting protein, carbohydrates and fat into energy is just as breathtakingly amazing procedure, it's not as simple as photosynthesis.

There are insanely complicated chemical reactions going on in your digestive system to turn a bowl of french fries into energy but there is one thing I can say without dissecting it at all. When you eat food and it gets in your system, your digestive system burns it, and not the other way around.

Your body is designed to take everything in your stomach and with some help from strong acids, enzymes and oxygen, burn it. That's the basic description of what your body does when you eat, so the definition kind of defeats the whole purpose of fat burning food.

Chicken Pea Salad  Photo by jules:stonesoup
Chicken Pea Salad Photo by jules:stonesoup

I'm going to be as brutally honest and straight forward here as humanly possible without being rude. There is no such thing as fat burning food. It may be an extremely lucrative market to sell food that makes you thinner and more appealing to peers, but you just won't be able to buy food that does that.

You may be able to come across recipes or dishes that contain so little energy that by eating them you practically put no fuel in your system. Now it's probably just my twisted interpretation of the rules of the game, but isn't food supposed to provide energy?

I mean why would I even get out of the bed and go to the kitchen to eat something that makes me weaker by burning a part of the storage my body so diligently collected in order to survive?

Here is the deal, eating healthy is something I advocate and suggest everyone to do. Diversify your meals. By all means go and eat carbohydrates and fat. Your body needs both to keep on working, your brain uses carbohydrates to do its work, and I don't see a good reason to starve my brain. It's the stuff I use to decide about other stuff, and stuff.


You're probably are desperate about throwing a few pounds of weight off. Don't do that. Desperate actions call for half measures and I won't tell a big secret if I tell you, that the first thing your body actually uses to gain energy if it ever decides you're trying to cut off the supplies, is your muscles. 

Muscles that are otherwise great at turning energy into moves. Muscles that, put to good use, would otherwise tell your body to tap the barrels and use some fat cells to put fuel in the engine. I'm probably starving my brain here again, but is it just me or burning muscles really fast instead of fat for energy in order to look slimmer is fishy?

There are some really simple steps to losing fat while building muscles. Will you be in a shock if I tell you that it's exercise? Thought so. Sit down, take a big breath, it's okay. Right, now that you've calmed down, let me explain. Exercise means using your muscles in an activity that raises the overall power consumption of your body.

It's pretty easy to see that will lead to more fuel burned, and with working muscles what else could your body burn than fat? If you want to put all the chemicals into your system that burning of food and other functions require you will have to eat different kinds of food.

French fries is not wrong. There I said it. Deep fried chicken wings are perfectly fine. By all means, if you like eating that kind of food, carry on and eat them, just think about one thing. Do you think your body will love you for eating food that contains the same chemicals over and over again?

Nope, it will not and it will let you know. If you carry on eating fast food without any kind of balance in your meal, your body will rebel. There will be screaming and much gnashing of teeth. You will store fat and most probably get sick of some sort of nutrition deficiency.

Before you think I'm just throwing stuff around, let me outline the simple steps of losing weight without the use of magic pills, shortcuts, fat burning foods, and condensed sweat of the Himalayan purple ferret:

1.Regular exercises, spend at least an hour every second day with moving. If you do it long enough you will actually want to do it more often, go on, do it more often if you want it.
2. Diverse, varied meals. Eat food you love, but eat vegetables, fruits, bread, cakes and fast food without putting too much emphasis on any of those. Eat slowly, chew your food and eat until you're not hungry anymore.
3. Buy my CD. No, wait, that's not it, I don't even sell a product. Erm... Repeat from Step 1. Yeah, that's what I wanted to say.

Really, it's that easy and if you don't believe you will get more fit and lose weight doing it, prove me wrong. Do it for two weeks and if you don't lose any fat I'm going to agree that I'm wrong.

Photos used are taken by Gudlyf and jules:stonesoup


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    • profile image

      Winson 7 years ago

      My sis-in-law likes the frying stuffs very much. I always tell her to avoid frying food. As the food pyramid suggested, 60% vege, 20% meat, etc to stay healthy.

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      you're right.. exercise is the key.