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Fat Burning Foods: The 9 Best Tasting Foods to Burn Fat Fast

Updated on July 16, 2011

When you’re trying to burn fat, it can be incredibly hard to build up the momentum of physical activity you need to stay ahead of the curve. Part of the answer of course lies in maintaining a healthy diet. A healthy diet, when chosen and prepared right, with plenty of fat burning foods can magnify your physical efforts by a surprising multitude and help you to burn fat fast. The problem most people have though, is finding foods which are enjoyable enough to eat over the long term, yet still provide the benefits they need for their diet.   

What can you do then, when it comes to changing your diet, to increase the effectiveness of your exercise regime, or even as a partial substitute for an exercise regime?

Increase your metablolism!

It turns out that the key element to losing weight, is to permanently adjust your metabolism so that your body burns more calories in an ambient state, even if you do not change your physical activity level.

Sounds easy! Well, it can be. Many people, armed without the right level of knowledge give up trying to change their metabolism, not realising that there are a few common fat burning foods which taste great. With a little knowledge though, and the right kind of foods at your disposal, you’ll be off to a flying start.

A good way to kick start this process off is to use negative calorie foods.

Negative calorie foods acquire their name, unsurprisingly, from the fact that they cause the body to burn more calories in their consumption than they contain themselves.

In itself, this is a great idea. However, not all negative calorie foods taste great. To that end, I have compiled a list of what I think are the best tasting negative calorie foods.

Hit me! Which ones taste the best?

1.      Oranges
2.      Strawberries
3.      Tangerines
4.      Grapefruit
5.      Apricots
6.      Tomatoes
7.      Watermelon
8.      Apples
9.      Hot Chili Peppers

Now, not all of these will appeal to everyone - and that’s fine. Choose what works for you out of this list, and you’ll be much closer to building a diet that contains the right fat burning foods, working not only in combination with your exercise regime, but also with your own tastes and predilections, allowing you to “enjoy” your way to your goal weight.

Do you have to eat these raw? Not really – though the effectiveness of them will be diminished the more you subject them to a cooking process. The point I guess of putting together a list of the best tasting negative calorie foods is simply so that you can fit them into your every day life without the hassle of cooking or preparation. Use them as snacks, or light lunches.

In fact, if you’d love some creative ideas on how to enjoy raw foods, go check out the raw foods witch.

As always, remember that not only what you eat, but the portion size and frequency with which you eat it can have just as big of an impact on your metabolism.

Try incorporating these foods either into your diet already, or for a quick, high impact way to lose the easiest parts of weight first, try subsisting on these foods for 3-5 days.

Do not subsist on them for the long term though, as your body will eventually need more calories than it expends to keep functioning.

Enjoy your negative calorie foods, and enjoy your new body!


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