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Fat-Free or Non Fat-Free, That is The Question

Updated on April 10, 2012

For a while we were used to get our Ice cream at that 'Dairy Queen.' Then we got into that new trend labeled 'non-fat' or light, or maybe that fat free, right? More than other nutrients, fat has been treated like the witch from Snow white.

Now, advance research is uncovering some surprises about fats and their effect on health. We have done our research, and we can tell you about those findings, and what those latest findings mean for you.


When food was food.

Going back to our great grandparents, they seldom came across with high-fat food issues. They had their organic harvesting and did their best to have fresh milk and those healthy eggs, and ate with certain moderation, that's why Ice cream and oil can touch those pleasant neurons-- "Okay Mary keep that grill hot!"

Since the middle Eighties and overabundance of fat has been blame for our our expanding waistlines, therefore nutritionist have empahsized degreasing our diets. Now that tide is turning down. Here is the important phrase of this hub: Experts are beginning to point out that balancing our fats rather than just cutting back on them, leads to better heath.

Several types of fats


most come from animal products, such as butter, cheese, beef and pork. Ice creams, coconut, palm and palm kernel oil are included in this category


Broken down in two categories: Monounsaturated fats that prevail in avocados, most nuts and olive oil.

Polysunsaturated fats like omega 3 and 6, which can be found naturally in walnuts, soybean, .sunflower and safflower oil. Fatty fish like salmon and trout are a good source too.

Trans fats

created by an industrial process called hydrogenation, when hydrogen is added to vegetable oilo for hardening. Margarines, fast food and baked goods make use of this processing for preservation...and keep your doctor busy.

How essential they are?

Fats are essential for our health. Together with carbohydrates and proteins, they are 1 of the three macro nutrients our body use for energy. If you ever seen at the Gas station, those three pumps that indicate 'premium,' 'silver' and 'regular,' our body interchange those possibilities of fuel, but when you are running out, you just have to trust that regular fuel (fat) after the the other two were depleted. After 20 min of exercise, you body will turn to fat as a source of fuel.


If you go back to granny's kitchen, she would ask you at once, if you already had your soup or breakfast. Same thing with fat, they make sure your hair and skin are healthy. Fats keep your vital organs cushioned and insulate your complex body against cold temperatures.


How can you overlook this assertion. Essential fatty acids that your body cannot make and must get from food, help control inflammation, maintain brain cells and clot your blood. Without fat, our body could not absorb vitamins A, D, E or K.

Oh my..!!
Oh my..!! | Source

Fats and health

Fat are blamed for our obesitis crisis, inpart because they are high in calories. They contain 9 calories per gram compared with 4 calories from proteins and carbs. Saturated fats are on the most wanted list for killing most of us from a heart attack. The district attorney couldn't press charges, because he died the night before, after eating this triple decker.


Saturated fats increase our colesterol, thus producing this high rate of fatalities. The key is to change gradually to polyunsaturated fats. This certainly improves your cardiovascular health.


After checking with researchers and getting their okay, we created this list. This was well recommended by the experts. Of course you have to get on your greens.

instead of steak, switch to fatty fish
get less than 10% of your daily calories from saturated fats
replace 5% them with polyunsaturated fats
try to swtich to olive, or safflower oil
Swap that wedge of full-fat cheese for walnuts
get on that omega 3 and 6
reduce to 1 percent those transfats
Go back to that salad that mom used to make
avoid products with that hydrogenated label

How hard it is for you to change your diet?

See results

Final Thoughts

Scientists are atill studying fat's harms and benefits along with the optimal ratio of unsaturated to saturated varieties. We must remind you that a genetic background should be considered in the choices. In this case, your dietitian or doctor can help you determine the best balance of fats for you. Gee! Got hungry after doing this hub!

Our #8/30
Our #8/30

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