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Fat Loss: How To Quickly Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Working Out

Updated on March 6, 2013

Diets And Workouts

When a person is on a diet they are limiting the kinds of foods and drinks they consume as well as the amount. When attempting to lose weight the goal of a diet is usually to reduce the number of calories. This often involves eating less. Sometimes people count up the amount of calories they consume and try to stay under a specific limit. There are a lot of different diets that promise rapid weight loss but they don't usually work. The body not only needs a significant amount of food. It also needs different kinds of food. Another reason diets don't usually work is because following the strict rules can be very difficult.

When a person is working out they are exercising to improve or maintain their body. They are using their muscles to do tasks that don't need doing. After they are done they have have not accomplished anything useful in the outside world. While doing push-ups I lift myself up and lower myself down multiple times. Everything in the outside world stays the same but it changes my body. If I exercise enough I can build muscle and get rid of fat.

Eating And Drinking

When attempting to lose weight you should make some big changes to your eating habits so you consume fewer calories but you don't need to go on a diet. If you are eating and drinking what you want and eating as much as you want then you are not on a diet. Minor changes are not going to accomplish much but a lot of minor changes can cause you to lose a significant amount of weight.

The trick is to reduce the calories without feeling like you are giving anything up. When I eat something I like I am not thinking about all the other foods I could have eaten. You just need to make some better choices. If you are like most people then you like healthy foods as much as the unhealthy food. You also probably feel better after a healthy well balanced meal than you do after consuming an unhealthy high calorie meal. I know I do.

Eat and drink what you want but consider your options. If you eat too much you are not going to feel very good. So don't overeat. If you eat a bunch of junk you are not going to feel very good so eat healthy foods that you like. I want to eat the main course and I want to eat dessert. So I eat both but I don't save a lot of room for the dessert because I only eat dessert for the taste.

Woman riding a bike.
Woman riding a bike. | Source
I like to go to beaches like this for exercise.
I like to go to beaches like this for exercise. | Source
I like to go for walks in the woods.
I like to go for walks in the woods. | Source


If you are working out your body then you are exercising but you get exercise when you are not working out. That happens when you are doing more than contracting your muscles to make them stronger or to burn calories. You get exercise when you do something productive like raking the yard or while doing something fun like playing tennis. Exercising more helps with weight loss but exercise does not mean working out.

When I say you can quickly lose weight without working out I am not saying you can do it without exercise. You still need to burn more calories. That means you need to exercise more. To quickly lose a significant amount of fat you need to exercise much more than you do now. One easy way to do that is to spend a lot less time sitting around doing next to nothing. Spend more time in motion. Another way is to increase the intensity of the exercises you do.

I like to take photos of wild animals and scenery. Biking, hiking and taking photos is something I do for fun. Provincial parks are a great place to do that.

Playing games on the Wii is another thing I do for fun. I also like going to the movies and that involves some walking. It all adds up. Be more active than you have been lately to lose weight. Just make sure the increase in activity is significant. If you do things you enjoy then being more active should not be that difficult. It can be fun. Being active is a good way to reduce boredom and improve your mood.

Losing Weight

Losing weight is mostly about burning more calories than you consume. If you consume fewer calories than you have been consuming and burn more calories than you have been burning then you can lose a significant amount of weight. You could lose weight by dieting and working out or you could lose weight by doing the things you enjoy. Replace some of your habits with new ones. You will not feel like cheating or giving up if you like the foods and activities.

To quickly lose weight without dieting or working out make choices that allow you to burn more calories than you consume. Continue to do what you want but do things you want to do that will help you get the results you want.


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    • Saloca profile image

      Saloca 5 years ago from Liverpool, UK

      With the right attitude, determination and will power, the smallest changes to diet and fitness can reap massive results! Little things like more water, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and swapping fries for boiled rice don't sound like much but they've made such a difference for me in a short space of time!