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Fat is Beautiful

Updated on February 25, 2015

Fat is Beautiful

I sometimes wonder if our ancestors were as concerned about their looks as we are today. I think with the passing of time we as a people have grown more concerned about the subject of how we look. It is understandable that how we look can affect how we feel but we tend to miss a part of the picture called ` a natural state of being'. We tend to miss the part that is called healthy as well and instead focus more on the part of the picture labeledl weight.

The body is a temple. The temple as we know it comes in many different shapes and sizes. There is no single design or template to this temple. If there is, you would have to be able to look into the mind of God to find it. There is no perfect temple either. Men may subscribe or aspire to have six pack abs and women may subscribe or aspire to be like a skinny model but there is no perfect body template. It is an illusion that we have allowed society to create for us and a never ending battle that we create for our own minds to fight.

Not all houses look the same. Not all temples are built the same way. Each is designed to serve a particular purpose. The temple that is your body is designed to sustain you. If you want to be more spiritual about it, your body is designed to sustain life and your soul. It was designed for you to take care of and to nourish but not for envy or display purposes. It was a gift to you and your purpose is to keep it healthy until time takes its toll..

This temple that is your body is for you to live in and you do need to be more comfortable in your own skin than anywhere else. What should make you most comfortable in your own skin is knowing that you are healthy, rather than dwelling on how magnificent your body looks. The irony to some magnificent bodies is that they may look magnificent on the outside but not so much so on the inside.

Fat is beautiful. In fact some of the most beautiful women in the world are fat.Some of the smartest men in the world are fat or have a potbelly. To some cultures fat is more beautiful than being skinny. For some Olympic sporting games, you need to be fat or of a particular weight to qualify for the game. To all of us there is some fat or we would be the walking dead.

There is no running away from the word Fat but it is the picture and associations that our minds attach to the word or thought that gives it a negative connotation. I do not think the cave men and women were as worried about their sizes as we are today. That could be because they were not as vane as we are today, because they were more concerned about their survival than their looks and or because they did not have the internet or smart phones to keep on reminding them of how they looked and to compare themselves to their fellow cave men and women.

They did not have Cave time Reality TV either. They did not have reality television shows to inundate their minds with false ideas of what a real man or woman should look like. They did not have mail boxes in any capacity to be filled with literature on how to lose weight and or look more beautiful. They did not have marketing or social media engines trying to sell them a multitude of health or lose weight products either.

The truth is that there is no singular solution to the weight factor. If there was, there would not be so many lose weight product on the market or everybody would be skinny.

The truth is that fat is not ugly. It is a state of being and it is as beautiful a state of being as being skinny or as you allow it to be. You have to think of yourself as beautiful, for what you think of yourself is reflected to the world. If you are confident with who you are, your beauty will reflect itself. If you are doubtful of the reflection that you see in the mirror when you wake up, then that doubt will reflect itself.

Wake up and be confident with who you are. Wake up and think more about your health than rather your weight . Stop concerning yourself too much about how everyone else looks and remind yourself that you are beautiful.

By Jason @ MondayMorning Positivity February 2015


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