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Fat is Frustrating

Updated on August 14, 2012

About six years ago I quit smoking and as usually happens I gained some weight. I managed to control my weight by exercising and eating a lot of salads, vegetable and lean meat and fish. I enjoyed treating myself now and again without gaining a lot of weight. Then I moved to Malaysia and I became more of a person, so to speak. The pounds began to pile on.

In Malaysia there are 3 predominant ethnic groups, each with their own distinctive and deliscious cuisine. The main staple is rice, in one form or the other, and people here eat rice at every meal, including snacks and desserts.Vegetables are usually eaten as an ingredient of a main dish, not as a separate dish as in the West, and they are cooked with lots of oil. Meat also is used as an ingredient in a main dish or served alone complete with all of the fat. There is plenty of fish here, but it is usually grilled, in tons of oil and grease. More than half of the food is deep fried and not in the healthiest of oil. Regardless of the unhealthiness of the local food, it is wonderful and irresistible.

Eating healthy takes a bit of work and is more expensive than eating at local eateries. Most Asians don't like eating raw vegetables and that includes salads. Most veggies served here are prepared with oil or thick greasy, but tasty sauces.Salad bars are rare and usually are found at the higher end Western restaurants. So the best thing to do is to visit the local grocery store or wet market and prepare healthy meals at home.

Of course eating a healthy diet alone will not help me to lose my weight, so I have to force myself to exercise on a regular basis.I go to the gym and do weight training and aerobic exercises 3 or 4 times a week. I have chronic sinusitis and breathing problems and when I do aerobic exercises I am coughing, constantly bringing up phlegm and having labored breathing.This really makes working out a wonderful pleasure! The results are nil.I still weigh the same. I had to do something different.

I do not believe in all these diet fads or miracle fat burning supplements. I think they are all designed only to lose weight in one's wallet. One day I saw a video clip from Dr. Oz's show about raspberry ketones and how they may help you lose some weight. I realized that Dr. Oz, was a reputable surgeon and would not hype some form of quackery. I researched raspberry ketones and found that is would be safe to try. I ordered a bottle from the US and started taking 2 capsules with breakfast. I have been taking them for about 10 days, along with a diet of low fat yogurt, protein, salads and vegetables and a limit of one serving of rice at lunch.Combined with the diet I have been pushing myself at the gym with much more cardio exercise and weight lifting. I read about the amazing results with raspberry ketones even after a few days, so I felt quite upbeat about what I was doing.

I weighed myself this morning and I lost a whopping 3.5 ounces! I felt like sitting down and eating an entire chocolate cake and hot fudge sundae, all by myself. How frustrating. Getting older is frustrating enough, but getting older and getting fatter is even more frustrating. The only thing to do is keep trying. It's a never ending challenge. Updates will be provided if warranted.


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    • steveso profile image

      Steve 5 years ago from Brockport, NY

      Thank you Jackie. I do a lot of walking, but with the temperature most days in the 90's and humidity around 75% (I live in Malaysia) it can be rough sometimes. I prefer the treadmill at the gym as I don't have to inhale car and motorcycle fumes.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 5 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Just start walking and keep it up, the most fun, best thing we can do. Fresh air too, if you have any.

    • steveso profile image

      Steve 5 years ago from Brockport, NY

      Thank you Christy.

    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      You are quite right that losing weight is a journey and it doesn't end.. I wish you success with your weight loss. Perhaps you can still have the sundae if you make it low fat ice cream!