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Funny Websites - How To Laugh to Increase Health

Updated on January 27, 2013

Victorian Trivia: Stages Of Laughter

Advertisement of the VIctorian Era at "Young's The Hatter" at 45 Wall St., Bridgeport, Connecticut
Advertisement of the VIctorian Era at "Young's The Hatter" at 45 Wall St., Bridgeport, Connecticut | Source

Laughter As Medicine

A totally disabled and partially paralyzed man once cured himself of Rheumatoid Arthritis by moving from his hopital bed to the hotel across the street, watching funny TV shows and films from his bed, and laughing. He combined with his healthy eating and vitamin intake with help from his wife.

As this person laughed, his body began allowing him to move a little. He took that opportunity to move a little more while he watched his funny shows - first from his bed, then standing beside it, and finally walking on a treadmill, etc. There must be something to this notion that laugher is medicine.

The patient who did this, now deceased, is Norman Cousins (played by Ed Asner on film). He was the editor of the famous Saturday Review magazine and was put out of commission by RA, or at least a set of symptoms matching it. After his laughing regimin, he returned to work free of symptoms. Afterward, he bagan lecturing in medical colleges across the nation and landed on the facultiy of one in California. In these places, he taught about laughter and wellness activities and how they can replace harsh medications.

Doctors themselves have crusaded for wellness, laughter, and never giving up, including Oliver Sacks and Patch Adams. There must be something to this noting of laughter as medicine.

Today, we have much more than the TV to use for laughter - and some of the sitcoms are not funny at all. We have the Internet and gadgets like tablets and SmartPhone, so we can find something funny anytime of the day or night. We can laugh and be well.

Crying Over You on AGT

Turtle Sings Roy Orbison

This is the kind of website or video that is uplifting after a hard day. I just received a video of Terry Fator's ventriloquist dummy, Winston the Turtle, singing Roy Orbison songs. A friend sent it to me and I wanted to share it here.

I was never able to watch America's Got Talent, becuase I was working duirng the hours it was broadcast. So, I really appreciated seeing this one video. I looked around YouTube and other video platforms. and found amny more clips of Terry Fator and his gang to enjoy as well.

Past artists like Edgar Bergen and Senor Wenchas were the experts in ventriloquism long ago and Terry Factor is bringing the same kind of humorous, wholesome act back. Some of these acts on cable TV channels and in Vegas are as rauncy as the X-rated standup comedians and that that's not funny to me. The videos below are very funny.

Fator and Kermit

Hedgehog in the Fog - English subtitles over Russian vocals

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