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Fear And Phobia

Updated on March 29, 2012

Fear Of Death And Phobias

What is fear and how it differs from a phobia? Why do people fear and what is the main phobia of people? What is the intense fear of death? In order to answer these questions, we must understand what fear is. Fear - a state of severe anxiety caused by real or imagined threat. But it is bad for a man of strong feelings of fear e.g., fear of death. Man is in harmony - all given to him by nature, is useful. It is the fear of death plays in the human psyche the most important function - allows him to survive in critical situations. Fear - is the strongest neuro-physiological process. At such moments, the body throws into the blood, "the hormone of fear" - adrenaline. In a state of fear, people are mobilizing all the forces on the body to avoid the danger arose.

Phobia - a mental disorder, in which a person involuntarily experiencing the strongest fear in situations quite safe. Phobia has nothing to do with the natural fear, which "helps" people in situations of real danger. A phobia causes people to avoid the common places where they are, apparently, is not threatened. This means that it makes people less free. From someone who knows how to overcome fear can often hear the phrase: "I am afraid to go out" (agoraphobia). Phobia subjugates some part of life, and perhaps should allow the unreasonable fears of people to lead us, like the marionettes. Phobias and their human characteristics, the list, which includes fears and phobias, are quite large. Among the strongest fear you will find the fear of open spaces (agoraphobia), fear of transport and, in particular, fear of the roads, fear of dentists' offices, a strong fear of insects, claustrophobia, and fear of death. And this is not a complete list of fears and phobias.

If an irrational fear was not corrected in time by a professional psychologist then this fear of person tends to grow over time and become increasingly difficult to overcome it and you can be sure that it will turn into a phobia. The correction of fear is simply necessary to ensure that a person could live a full life - a life without fear of death! Simple, seemingly fear of the roads can be a very serious problem - a man no longer leaves the house, because he feels the strongest uncontrollable fear. Agoraphobia in the list of fears comes on the first place. Agoraphobia - is the fear of open spaces. People with agoraphobia often write on the forum about the same thing: I'm afraid to go outside.""Do not leave home "I have fear of roads, I began to feel dizzy, fear of death is so strong that it completely takes hold of me, I cannot move, I cannot say a word”.

How to get rid of the fear of death? How to cope with fear? How to get rid of a phobia? How to overcome your fear? We need to understand its nature, to understand what the fear of death is - and then start thinking of restructuring. You must get help of professionals to get rid of this .Overcoming the fear of death - this is a game of chess, which has a few moves, well-designed by psychologists, and they can help you to get rid of this situation. However it goes away by the passage of time as you grow.


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    • meloncauli profile image

      meloncauli 6 years ago from UK

      When fear interferes with your life, you become sensitized ( sensitive) to the perceived threat. The only way to conquer a fear is to desensitize yourself to it (exposure therapy). This is often combined with CBT. Exposure therapy takes a certain amount of bravado on the part of the sufferer.


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