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Fear, and How to Use It to Your Advantage

Updated on January 18, 2018

Fear of the Unknown

Throughout life, we're inevitably going to be faced with insurmountable odds that we choose to go down the path of least resistance. We shy away from conflict, from hardship, for fear of failure, for fear of not being able to reach our goal. People often allow fear to dictate whether we go forward or backward. The uncertainty of the situation takes over our mind and body, and paralyze us. We have these concrete boots on, slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Once we get rid of our shackles, we swim to the surface, only to swim away from what was in front of us, afraid of a similar outcome the next time we're faced with the same kind of adversity. How do we combat this feeling of debilitating fear that pulls us further away from what we'd like to achieve in our lives? How can we use this fear to propel us forward rather than pull us to retreat?

Fear as a Tool for Motivation

Once we've accepted that fear is going to be a natural product of our thought process, we can then move towards turning this usually-negative concept into a motivating force, allowing to strive closer to our goals. We usually look at fear in a container of "fight or flight". Will be continue or will we retreat? Instead, we need to look at fear as a force that will make us pause, even for a split second, to truly think about all possible scenarios to come to one that will result in the highest rate of success. Fear doesn't have to be a construct that makes us question our ability to accomplish a feat. We can transform fear into a device to make us fully calculate all possible outcomes, so we can then make a proper decision as to what road leads to the best-case scenario.

The fear of failure, can cause many to avoid challenges altogether. Instead, focus on the fear of making the wrong decision be a factor pushing us closer to the right choice. Fear doesn't need to pull us completely away from something. It can merely be something that causes us to reconsider our plan of attack, so we can still pursue the goal in front of us.

Another way to look at fear is the fear of not gaining the success we as human beings constantly seek. Do we really want to deprive ourselves the opportunity of achieving something worthwhile? Be fearful of not touching what you see in front of you. Be afraid of missing out on an opportunity that can define you for the better. Fear can lead us in the right direction as long as we approach with an open mind. Fear doesn't need to control our emotions. We can control fear, mold it into something constructive, transform its negative connotations into positive motivation.


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