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Fear of flights: The journey to win it over

Updated on September 26, 2012

A question from fellow hubber and my new friend ranzi @ about flying fear and then thought why not go for a hub about it and thus I am here to put my experience into words. This hub is dedicated to Ranzi ,,,,,my new friend here as for her question only I thought of putting this things into a hub. It’s a personnel experience so far and when I remember it I often found myself grinning wide. I was pretty afraid to board a plane and thus had missed a nice trip with my family to Capital city of India before marriage. Then much after my marriage I had to board on a flight as my husband will not hear anything and apart from our not so affluent financial condition he bought us two flight tickets to go to Kolkata with another family for a short holiday trip. His main aim was to finish my aerophobia,aviatophobia, or aviophobia.. I was devastated as I thought I will die midair. I used to call up my nearest ones the day before and was almost about to break up into crying. It was as if I was bidding good bye from them for the last time and all were having a good laugh so far. I was sad and very much uninterestingly was packing my few clothes then mu hubby promised me that we will return via train while on our way back. Huh, but I knew I would not be accompanying him way back to home.


Then that ill fated day and it was very cloudy to make it worse for me. The other couple had a little daughter around 3 years old and she would not leave me on board. But I was like about to cry myself. So my hubby somehow managed to make me sit with him. I was being seat on window side and it was very suffocating. I felt like throwing up and my hubby was very much anxious for me. The flight was about to take off and I was like about break up. He tried to talk me out of the situation and told me to think about something else. Something else???? And when everything inside of you is almost ready to come out???? I shut my eyes closed as much as possible and though hubby (his name is Apurba) was telling me that the Airhostesses were looking at me, I just ignored everything else and concentrated very much on well exactly I don know what but then the flight was slowly started going above and my head was spinning at a speed not known to me possible enough. I hold the hand rest of the seat with my left hand and with the other hand squeezed hard in Apurba’s hand. His hand almost was to get scratched and thank God I did not used to keep my nails long then. I was about to throw up but then Apurba managed to get some toffees which I could swallow hard and somehow managed not to do the inevitable. Uhhhhhh at last that worst time of taking off was over…and somehow I could relax little. I did not eat anything which was offered on board.


I got very much angry with all whoever was walking the aisle including the Airhostesses and the crew. As I felt with every single step of them the flight will fall from the sky, yeah exactly that was the feeling. My hand and fingers including my leg all were hurting much as I was trying very hard to push an invisible brake so far. Then it was time for landing as that was a short flight of about one hour. Then the worst experience ever. It was almost like I was about to through up and headache with much humming in my ears. Apurba tried hard to coax me but I was all red in my face and tears were spilling out. Then suddenly it had landed and he told me to open my eyes and Airhostesses came and wiped my face with wet tissues and gave me some toffees to eat. I was relieved at last and told them that I am alive still. All laughed and thus ended my first flight. The trip was not very good one for me as Apurba announced that we would return via flight only as I need to overcome the fear of boarding a flight. But the return trip was almost all rite as the little daughter of the couple would not leave me and Apurba left me to sit with her. She was frightened and to coax her, I forgot my own fear. I did not realize when the flight took off and when it landed as the little girl was holding all my focus as she will not go to her Mom and Dad but will sit on my lap not even in her own seat. It was funny but then I was home safe and sound. Now I am a very frequent flier and often fly alone. Then I see many people frightened and remember my first flight. Some subsequent flight were little terrifying but then slowly I could find my ways to win the game so far. I have acrophobia also.After I could win the fear of flights I almost can rule out the phobia of height. But then I make it a point not to look down while on high floors of a building for sure.


Symptom of this phobia is anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, dizziness, acute feeling of suffocation, sweating, nausea and shaking etc which are not exactly medically risky. Mine was not an acute case. But there may be acute aerophobia to stop someone completely from boarding flights. Then it’s pathetic. This is basically an anxiety disorder which is more concerned with what might happen then what actually happens.

Some simple ways to stop acrophobia are such as:

· Diversion of focus helps to overcome the anxiety.

· Needs to talk with the Flight Crew to let them know about the problem so that they can help you in case of emergency.

· The realization of the fact that many people are there with you in the flight also somewhat helps stabilising the fear.

· A conversation about some positive and mainly funny things surely goes a long way.

· Regular practice of yoga and meditation including mainly the breathing exercises helps to control the anxiety level very nice way.

· In my case it was not that acute but someone having severe acrophobia may consult with experts for counselling to make it cured.

· Some special drug to relax mind during the flight after proper consultation with physicist may also help. But that purely depends on the level of the phobia and the prescription.

· One should try to take it sportingly and talk it out with like minded people about the phobia. Talking always helps tremendously. Then lighter side of the issue makes it easier to take it casually. Seriousness only makes it worse to prevent.

· Another fact that people will die anywhere they are destined to. Even on ground one may die and anywhere anytime and anyhow one has to face death as destined for and that realisation may make things easier.

I hope and wish whoever had experienced it can overcome this aerophobia and fly high in life. Best of luck ahead and enjoy flying.

This hub is dedicated to my new friend ranzi @

Thank you for your question, for which I thought of writing this hub dear Ranzi:-)


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    • dghbrh profile image

      deergha 5 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      Thank you @Shining for your kind visit, votes and precious comment here. Its nice to know about your awesome courage to take up skydiving to reply right away to your own phobia of height. My God....really i cant even think about. You are tooo brave for sure. Actually I am really proud of you as I even too well know what it takes to go ahead and face it. But what you are doing is extra ordinary in true sense.

      Cheers and enjoy ahead.



    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      I commend you for facing your phobia square in the face. I, too have a "height" phobia. Facing your fears can bring unknown awesome life experiences such as yours with the little girl you gave your attention to. My awesome experience was taking up skydiving and I never looked back.

      I'm proud of you as I am all too aware of the courage it took for your well-earned accomplishment.

      Voting up