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Feasting At The Relationship Compatibility Love-Starved Banquet

Updated on April 6, 2014

Relationship Flowering

The Relationship of Nature's Unceasing Talent
The Relationship of Nature's Unceasing Talent

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: The Dreary Drama of Relationship

Relationships, relationships, relationships, it’s all about coming to terms with our salivated gluttony induced emotional relationships.

The undeniable fact that we are ravenously grievous in our pursuit of sexual gratification, romantic adoration, harmonic communication, instantaneous accumulation and committed accommodation goes without saying.

Deep down, at the esoteric psychological level, we are in pursuit of what we think we lack.

We are, no doubt, over gorged with incessant thoughts, desires needs, and actions flooding our insatiable sensual appetites while demanding fulfillment; which is not a bad thing unless we deny it.

We are far too consumed with the ideals in our partners that are supposed to matter but don’t. Why are we so driven to have the ‘perfect relationship’? Because we want to be constantly entertained and conveniently distracted.

If we were willing to let one sliver of truth into the current involvement, we may find that what we don’t have it too bad, after all. When we fixate upon the notion that our involvements are substandard and unfulfilling, the real culprit may, in fact, not be the other, at all, but ourselves.

What do we imagine our partners are supposed to do for us, really? Make us happy , pleased, and giddy while wreaking us with undulating pleasure by performing a miraculous vein flushing of ‘feel good’ endorphins whenever he/she comes into our presence?

What a heavy unnecessary burden to place upon another! The unpleasant truth of the matter is: we invent, produce and evoke the temperature of the environment in which the relationship subsists. We nurture the garden our own discontent.

No one else does it to us. If our relationship world is hopelessly fragmented, it has been shattered by patented neglect and kindled disinterest. When, precisely, the seeds of dissatisfaction were planted is another karmic love story that needs further soul investigation.

Self-deceit slips in the bed covers while we are busy tending to matters of the mind’s savory delectability.

When we are ready to face the irrefutable facts regarding the lack of attention we have given to the relationship, then and only then can we begin to come to terms with the reality that we lost passion’s curiosity but refuse to play the musicians for the music of the specific band tunes we hired them to play.

Why is disintegration so hard to face? Maybe because we are too selfish to invest the time, effort and energy needed to reawaken what was once so vitally important? Or maybe, just maybe facing the barren emptiness of our own divided lack of direction serves up better in a pot of disgruntled relational soup?

Human beings, whether in relationships or not, are gluttonous, greedy and grievous. (More so when blatantly unattended to and neglected) We NEED to feel important, as if we genuinely matter to someone.

But, as long as we dwell on the ‘other’ not doing his/her part, and/or expect him/her to take care of our frustrated disappointment, we will remain distastefully divided. There comes a cosmic blue note to all of us at one time or another. And, try as we might, we can not ignore its inviting bluesy flavor and sonorous tones.

In the beginning, our song was played: sweet, low down and mellow. We heard it. We recognized it. We responded to it. But somewhere along the way, we lost its delightful sound of sublime sensuality.

t occurred quickly on that day when we refused to observe the movement of sacred artistic sexuality stirring in our bones. We refused to respond with authentic gestures but instead tried to appear ‘good’, decent, friendly, kind, considerate, caring and helpful. We turned away from the cry of our soul for resplendent art/music/drama ingested talent to be heard

. We sold out to the other. We buried our voice. The flame went out. Now, what do we do? We’re too weak to be honest and too timid to be true. We’ve forgotten how to crave. Moan. Groan. Howl.

These are the words of the true artist who desires to express his/her soul’s ultimate yearning for life fully experienced. Sacred sexual artists are passionate creatures who devour life’s bountiful ripe delicacies.

Relationships are delicacies of the finest fare. But, when they go bland nobody wants to eat and unless you are starved will turn away from the banquet table no matter how appetizing.


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