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Febrile Seizures

Updated on August 29, 2016

Febrile Seizures/Convulsions

This is a very common medical condition in kids ranging from 11 months age to 5 years. It cannot be called an ailment or illness. It is just a reflex action caused due to a high or suddenly elevated fever in kids as kids do not posses the ability to surpass the high intensity fever and the reflex action for the same is portrayed by a seizure or convulsion as named in medical terms.

As per doctors and medical consultants these convulsions do not cause any harm to kids but in certain cases it can be complicated if ignored. Specially, if you do not attend your kid and take him/her timely to the hospital. Further some points need to be noted which suggests the do's and dont's during convulsion. Never put anything in the mouth of your kid during the convulsion episodes. Always lay your kid on his or her right side so that any kind of liquids such as vomits or spits do not enter their nasal passage. If the episode lasts more than 10 minutes you must take your kid to the hospital immediately, most convulsions subside on their own in 3 seconds to 5 minutes.

Before the above process is in action, we can think about avoiding this condition to occur by practising some simple steps:

1) If your kid is suffering from fever, do not ignore the condition and provide timely medications.

2) You must avoid tight or layered clothing for kids in fever. Instead you can undress them and give a sponge bath so that the body temperature gets controlled and cool down on its own. This is commonly practised if the kid does not experience fever with chills.

3) If your kid has already witnessed a febrile convulsion before then its better to take at max care for him or her and if the fever crosses 100 degrees then administer tab frisium - a medication provided to prevent convulsions from occurring - with doctor's prescription .

4) Give your kid restful times at max till he/she recovers.

5) AC/Fan can also help in lowering down the body temperature.

These techniques can help you to prevent conditions such as febrile convulsion which occur in toddlers and which is heart breaking for the parents and spectators around. Many parents and guardians are unaware of this condition with infants/toddlers. This article can give you a brief knowledge for the same.

Dear Parents, Kids are our little angels and we have been assigned there to take care of these tiny tots at our best possible outlook. Enjoy Parenthood !!!!!!!!!

NOTE - Knowledgeable article....Medications should be administered only after physician's prescription.


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