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Felty germander (Teucrium polium L.)

Updated on February 4, 2012
Teucrium polium L.
Teucrium polium L. | Source

A rarely used and not very popular herb growing in the temperate and tropic areas.

It is used as a herbal tea in some older Mediterranean cultures in Europe, Africa and Asia to help for

  • stomach pain
  • diarrhea
  • spasms in intestines
  • internal hemorrhoids
  • internal disinfection

A study from 2006 says that this herb is also very good for lowering blood glucose levels.

Precautions should be made when using, because it is mildly toxic to the liver and kidneys but not as much as a present day antibiotic pill is.


the leaves of the felty germander is a good way to make the food easy to digest and not irritate the bowels. Just add them as a spice to any food that needs to be boiled such as beans, peas and lens.


the herb is done while it is blooming between June and August. It is mainly found in arid areas around the sea and often beside lower mountain streams. There are not enough pictures in the Internet to compare with, but you need to look for 2 feet tall thorny bush with 3-way spearlike leaves and white to purple colored blossoms.

The whole plant is used but the roots are extracted at autumn, when there are small seedy fruits on top of the plant.

Leave at least two plants to seed. The seeds are with very high fertility, so you are not destroying the patch. It takes one season for new shrubs to grow from the them.


is done in herbal drier (temperature no more than 50 C) or outside in shadow. When dried, it has blueish-green color and no aroma. The root needs to be broken or cut in half, so the core is dried too or it will be attacked by molds when kept indoors later.

When dry, use a glove to crumble the leaves and the blossom from the stem and keep them in dry paper bag or small herbal box.

The roots need to be kept separate in the same conditions.


of herbal tea is trivial. Put 2 tablespoons of the herb in one pint of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Sift and keep in a bottle.

Same can be done with 1 tablespoon roots (10 minutes, 1 pint of water). They are more potent.

This decoction is very good for intestine spasms, lowers blood glucose and calms stomach pain.

It is also a good digestive with a pinch of lemon and a spoon of honey. Take after each meal.


are also used to treat open wounds. 2 ways to use them:

  1. Boil 2 tablespoons of germander's crushed root and some marigold leaves in lard or butter.
  2. Leave 2 tablespoons of marigold leaves and 1 tablespoon felty germander roots in a cup of olive oil for 2 weeks.

Both are used as a topical application for hard to heal wounds. The marigold helps restore the skin and germander cleans and calms.

Takes about a week to feel improvement.


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    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 4 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      You are welcome Suad. Tell me if you need specific information about a herb, so I can send you the information I have.

      I am currently preoccupied with work and can't spend time on writing all I have on paper in HubPages.

    • profile image

      suad eltamemy 4 years ago

      thanks a lot for this information, Ineed other sites for helping me at my reshearch.

    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Thank you for appreciating it Ann :)

    • anndavis25 profile image

      anndavis25 6 years ago from Clearwater, Fl.

      Thanks for sharing your 'lost' knowledge, mOrdOr

    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      It is quite bitter, that's why I prefer drinking it with honey and lemon :)

    • MrNick profile image

      MrNick 6 years ago from London

      I'm a big fan of natural herbs for use in helping our health - got to admit though, this one has passed me by, will look into it.

      Have you tried it? If so, how does the 'tea' taste!?!!

    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Thank you nityanandagaurang, I have some lost knowledge I am striving to share with the world.

      And you probably don't have this plant in eastern and central Asia. It is native to mediterranean only.

      That's why you never heard of it.

    • nityanandagaurang profile image

      nityanandagaurang 6 years ago

      These herbs are the gift of the god.Each herb has its own benefit.Although i have heard its name first time,yet the information you provided about the herb is very good.Very useful hub m0rd0r.


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