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Female Drug Addicts Are On The Rise

Updated on October 12, 2014

Women Arrested For Consuming Drugs While Pregnant

I read this article today that this woman was arrested for drug consumption while she was pregnant.This is the link for that article
Why did she do that I don't know.If you asked me,I would say she deserves it because she didn't care about the baby.Some women are so intoxicated by the drugs that for them drugs come first than the family.Women should know better when it comes to babies.The female drug addicts are not only killing themselves but their babies too.They should be punished if you asked me.


Women need to be jailed for doing this.Drug addicts are on the rise especially women.Women who have drug backgrounds are trying to stop going back to their old ways but the percentage is low but they are still trying.The important thing that these women need is family support.

They don’t get the family support because most of them have misused the trust which the family have given them.And the other part is women who are willing to change for the good doesn’t get it as their family comes from a good background and don’t want their daughters or wives to damage their reputation in the society.So he story goes on.

Family support is import for these women.They need it the most at this hard time.You need to push them up the ladder and not to discriminate them because they are drug addicts.The law has punished them and now they have to face the society.

What to do to prevent these women from going back to their old ways.

Preventing these women from going back to their old ways is to keep an eye on them but don’t treat them like prisoners.They have been there before but they need a little bit of freedom when they are at home.Keep a lookout on who their friends are.Show them affection and care.Tell them that you love them and don’t want them going back to their old ways.

Don’t discriminate them.Don’t look down on them.Motivate them to be a better person.And one more thing,don’t always believe in what they say.I’m not telling you that you can’t trust them.I’m just telling you to be cautious.Trust must be earned.They should know better.


Religion helps to change them to be a better person.All religion teaches you to do good.No religion teaches you to be bad.Only humans change them for their own cause.

Try to bring them to church,temples,mosque or any other religious places.Make them listen to the teachings to let them gain the knowledge.To know more abut the religion and the teachings and at the same time it also makes them stay away from their old friends and their drug abuse.It takes time for them to change.It won’t happen in a day.Everything takes time.Be patient.


Try to bring your daughter or wife for a counseling section.This might help and you will also know the reason behind the drug abuse.You will learn what will tip her off to taking the drug again.It is better for both of you to know so that both of you could prevent this from happening again.Like what I wrote in the previous paragraph.Everything takes time.Give her some time to change and the most important thing is to show love to her.Love can do wonders.Remember that.God is love and love will change her.Don’t give up hope.God bless you.

Female drug addicts can also be vulnerable and C.R.A.C.K.

Female drug addicts can also be vulnerable and C.R.A.C.K. seems to have no way of telling if someone has been coerced into being sterilised in order to feed someone else's drug habit. The world of illegal drugs is already heavily involved with people trafficking and prostitution, the offer of an extra cash incentive for referring other addicts is making this already morally questionable service open to exploitation.

Although female drug addicts comprise a minority of all drug addicts

Although female drug addicts comprise a minority of all drug addicts in Norway, they are much more likely to be forcibly committed than their male counterparts, even taking pregnant drug addicts out of the picture. Norwegian law only prescribes coercive commitment where individuals present danger to themselves, but researchers speculate that the social system is simply more offended by female addicts than male addicts

Women may use alcohol and other drugs to numb their feelings. They may medicate in preparation for sex, to avoid the pain of recalling past trauma and from the pain that they anticipate from repetition of the old traumatic events. Some women, especially sexual abuse survivors, become sexually anorexic. They may find themselves able to be sexual only while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Their sexual relationships may be dysfunctional in general.

Drug addiction is growing at alarming rate mainly among children

Drug addiction is growing at alarming rate mainly among children, who are aged between 12 and 17 years, and people, who are aged between 36 and 40 years, in the state of Virginia. People, who are addicted to drugs, are advised to cure their drug addiction at one among the best drug rehab centers in Virginia and lead happy life with family and friends.

Each addict has a characteristic pattern in his use of compulsive behaviors. Some use alcohol and drugs to decrease sexual dysfunction and performance anxiety, or as an excuse or rationalization that permits the expression of sexual aggression or violence. Others use alcohol and drugs with potential sexual partners -- ?wining and dining? is more than a metaphor. The goal is to re-enact scenarios with other people, or to increase the vulnerability and decrease the resistance or inhibition of potential sexual partners.

Washton (1989) reported that 50% of cocaine addicts (both male and female) seeking outpatient treatment are compulsively sexual; many of these have a second primary addiction, sex. Edlin et al. (1992) compared the sexual behaviors of young street women 18-29 years old comprising 289 who were current regular crack cocaine smokers and 236 who never smoked crack. They found that 70.5% of the crack smokers had sold sex, versus 4.3% of the nonsmokers; the crack smokers had an average of 30 lifetime male sex partners, the nonsmokers 5; 37% of the crack smoking women had had more than 100 lifetime male sex partners, vs. 3% of the nonsmokers.


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