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Fertility and having children

Updated on July 19, 2011

Even Geese Have Babies But Why Couldn't I?

I chose  a mother goose and her babies ,because it comes natural to have offspring for them.
I chose a mother goose and her babies ,because it comes natural to have offspring for them.

Difficulty of Conceiving A Baby

I never knew that life would be so difficult in having children. Some have them by the dozen, and some choose to only have one or two or maybe even three kids, before they tie their tubes and stop having babies. I got married at 28 years old, and by that time life was already on the verge of passing me by in having children. Three months after I got married, then I found out I had to have an ovary removed, because I think my mother would have had twins, and the twin that did not develop right attached itself as a growth on my ovary. Later it started to grow like a mass in my tube. I had to have my ovary removed and they cleaned out my tube and placed it back in. I asked the doctor, then if I could have children, and he said to me that he did not know why not.

Several years had passed and I thought I never would have kids, and so I adopted a son (older child). He was 8, when he came to live with us, and he was one of my husbands students in his classroom that was adoptable. The child I adopted was very difficult to deal with and had many issues, but we loved him and provided him with a loving home. A little later on , then he asks us, if he could have a brother or sister. Well that made us feel bad once more, and so after I had my major surgeries of removing my gall bladder and appendix out, then I decided to ask that question of a fertility doctor. Why haven't I gotten pregnant?

I went to see a fertility doctor for about a year, and I was placed on hormones and fertility drugs that could have caused me to have multiple children, if I had gotten pregnant. I never did get pregnant, and so they decided to check my tubes out. The answer coming back from the doctor was my tubes were permanently blocked on the inside. I asked them why, if the doctor said they were all right , when he operated on me. He said you must have had an infection and the only time I knew that was possible was when I ran a fever after surgery. I asked the question, if I would have known I had an infection, and he said that you would have run a fever. So the hope of having my own kids went out the window that day.

About two years later I had decided to get healthy and go on a health food nutritional diet, in which I would take all kinds of healthy vitamins. The died included multiple vitamins with iron, and things like Kelp and Alfalfa, and Dolomite, and garlic,and other things I thought was good at the time. Now I cannot find Dolomite on the market, and somehow that was an ingredient I used in making glazes for pottery and it was sold in the vitamin section of my drug store. I knew it was something similar to chalk. I am not exactly sure though about how the body used it. Three months after I started taking them, I had an usual incident. I had to pick up a rotary tiller that weighed quite a bit and lifted it into the trunk of my car, and after I did it, then I started to pass something that did not appear normal. It was large clumps. I told my mother- in- law that I was bleeding and something did not seem right. She told me that it sounded like that I had a miscarriage. I called my doctor, and all he could admit to was a hormone imbalance. He never even checked me out. So I gave up on my vitamins and went back to normal, then the next year I decided to do this again, because I wanted to see , if I could get pregnant. I wanted to have some hope. This time I was getting nauseated and throwing up. I did not suspect I was pregnant, because I dared not to hope, but I realized I had done the same thing that caused it last time. Since I was having weird symptoms, then I decided to take a pregnancy test. I was pregnant according to the test. So I went to the doctor's office and asked for a test to find out for sure that I was really pregnant. The test results came back positive.

My doctor said that one thing you never do is tell a lady she cannot get pregnant. I had my daughter at 36 years old. My adopted son at that time was 14. He was ready to be the big brother to his little baby sister. My family felt like that we had everything we wanted and were happy with one little baby girl to go with our older son.

My husband was a teacher at the time, and he knew someone who had a sister that tried for almost ten years to get pregnant and never did. So we told her to tell her sister what I did. We never thought it would actually work for anyone but me. She came back a few months later, and said that her sister had gotten pregnant and was having a baby, because of the vitamins she had taken. We were very happy that it was useful for someone else too.

I am not saying that taking vitamins will do the job of getting a woman pregnant, but I look at my own life and realize I probably was deficient in something that caused my lack of ovulation. Whatever the problem was, then I fixed it with my own health vitamins and minerals. Not even fertility drugs did that. So ladies do not give up on having kids, but check to see if maybe you could have some deficiencies that you did not know about. Best of luck on trying to have a baby. I know the feeling, and what you are going through. Whatever you do, then always make sure you are not allergic to any vitamins or minerals on the market. Remember there is no guarantee that you can get pregnant from doing this. I am simply telling you my story.


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