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Fevers and Natural Remedies to Cool Them Off

Updated on February 26, 2018
Image courtesy of dream designs at
Image courtesy of dream designs at | Source

Fevers are your bodies’ natural reactions to the arrival of a virus or bacteria in your body. It is part of your immune system’s defense mechanism. Fevers are a substantial and sometimes dangerous increment in your body’s temperature average temperature.

This allows your body to handle the virus or bacteria. Certain viruses and bacteria tend to develop and function better at lower temperatures. For the sake of the readers learning experience it is also good for you to know that the average body temperature is either at 37 Celsius or 98 Fahrenheit. 3 degrees higher in Celsius and a more than a few more in Fahrenheit could lead to a trip to the hospital specially if you are taking care of a child or an elder person. Sometimes all it takes are a few cold towels to bring down the heat to avoid those nasty and traumatizing little hospital trips.

Your body raises the temperature so that the virus weakens and the white blood cells can do a better job at destroying them. So now that you know how fevers work keep in mind that fevers are there to help you win not to take you to your death bed. Fevers cannot, and I will repeat myself, fevers cannot kill people. What can kill a person is the virus that has entered their body in other words a vernacular disease. Then again a fever is not a disease it is a defense mechanism.

Fevers are however, extremely uncomfortable and keep a person from getting through with their daily tasks. So people always try to find ways to cool their fevers down and forget about removing the virus out of their body even if it must be done at some point or another. Before being able to cool your fever down and decapitating the heads of your viruses it is a must know what illness is causing you to have a fever. There are quite a few illnesses that can cause a fever but we took the time to list them here for you and we have included the symptoms for each illness:

The flu

Short for Influenza, is a virus that causes a person to have; fevers, headaches, body pain and exhaustion. There is no actual cure for the flu nevertheless the flu can be avoided by taking antiviral medications and a flu shot. The flu shot is an injection of the virus itself into your bloodstream in a manner that your body can assimilate and fight off. This battle leaves your cells (specifically your white blood cells) ready for any future assaults of the virus.

These are options are not a hundred percent effective and must be used before the flu develops. The only other thing a person can do is ride the flu out as his/her body gets rid of it. This is a process that may take up to seven days. However this process has an almost parallel effect to that of the shot as your body does either of two things: it is either beaten by the virus and remains its hostage until death or it will “learn” from its experience after beating the virus.

Image courtesy of Mister GC at
Image courtesy of Mister GC at | Source

Honey, aloe and onion

This is one of my grandmother's home remedy recipes to soothe the symtoms of the flu. I have tried it myself and it is really helpful and will get your chest and head cleared from any congestion. Its powerfulness has been making kids in my family feel better when having the unwanted symptoms of flu. It taste really good and kids will be happy to drink it every time.

You will need a big aloe leaf, small onion and some honey.

  1. Take the aloe leaf and onion pill it off
  2. Chop in very tiny pieces
  3. Put the ingredients in a jar with plenty of honey
  4. Add a pinch of salt

Let this remedy rest for 2 days then take 2 to 3 times during the day.

This remedy is wonderful to.

  • get rid of sinus and chest flu infection,
  • to get rid of allergies caused by flu

Keep checking the health home for other awesome natural home remedies formulas.


Is the infection and inflammation of the tonsils located in your throat (there are other tonsils located in your mouth, like the lingual tonsils). The job of a tonsil is to capture bacteria and viruses but whenever the tonsils find themselves taking in an incredible amount of bacteria and viruses they overload and react by engorging to an uncomfortable size. This rise in the size of the tonsils causes the person with tonsillitis to suffer pain in their throats, have incremented difficulty in swallowing and breathing so on so forth. Sometimes tonsillitis leads the person ailed with them come down with a fever as well.


Is a sickness in which the bronchi are clotted with mucus and this conglomeration of mucus can lead a person to have complications breathing and can lead to acute coughing sprees and high fevers. People with bronchitis will encounter shortness of breath, congestion, chest pains, fevers and chills. Bronchitis is usually caused by viruses and it can be counteracted by increasing the intake of fluids, using pain killers and an inhaler will help a person cope with the illness and heal eventually.


Is an illness that precedes a cold or the flu and it as an infection of the lung or lungs which the person has difficulty breathing. Other symptoms include painful coughs and fevers. Pneumonia is lethal if it is not treated properly and it is treated with antibiotics rest and a proper diet. Pneumonia is contagious and it appears after a person has dealt with the flu. It can affect anybody specially children elder people and smokers.

Image courtesy of KEKO64 at
Image courtesy of KEKO64 at | Source

So, in much simpler terms, a fever is just a side effect defense mechanism produced by the appearance of an infection in your body. In the following paragraphs we will be introducing ways of fighting them off that you may have or may not have heard of before.

All these sicknesses have a few common denominators and the most important one of these common denominators is the fever. The other most important one is the afflicted airways and the difficulty breathing or swallowing. So, how do you heal a fever? There are many ways you could heal but most of the population opts for the pharmaceutical approach instead of the natural approach. Here are a few natural home remedies you could use to begin cooling your fever off.

Don’t ever jump into a bath of cold water. This will only cause your body to warm up faster. If you are going to take a bath make sure it is not in water far too cold or far too hot it will not help your case. Feel like the Greek gods and chow on some grapes as you bathe. Grapes are a great source of fluids and have been useful for reducing pain.

A cup of grapes and a relaxing bath ought to do the trick in reducing a fever. It is also recommended by some housewives to drink two spoonful of a mix of lemon squeeze and honey. Mix these two in a cup half a portion of honey and half of lemon and you have yourself a nifty homemade remedy. This remedy will also help clear your airways and kick the tonsil issue where it hurts when you most need it.

Believe it or not exercising can aid a person reduce a couple of numbers on your thermostat. The increased flow of blood in your body and your sweat glands liberating the toxins in your body both aid your body in its quest to rid itself of the bacteria or virus that is impairing it, keeping it from performing well.

Herbal teas also aid you heal a fever and one of these teas is the ginger root tea. Simply boil a cup of water and place a clean ginger root in the boiling water, let it boil for another while, strain it and pour it into your favorite mug. Add a little honey or sugar to keep it from being a mere nightmare and voila, you are one step further into being healed of your fever. If your fever does not cease to continue and if your fever is accompanied by any of the diseases mentioned above call a doctor.

We hope this article was of your aid and we encourage you to share it with your friends and family.


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