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Fibromyalgia and My Wife

Updated on February 18, 2014

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Trigger points for determining ailment
Trigger points for determining ailment


What would you do if you had pain in your back and neck. With this would come depression and suicidal thoughts. Sprinkle in sleepless night and add the problem that half of the doctors you went to did not believe the diagnosis or did not accept the symptoms and wrote them off as hypochondria. In1986 my wife of forty one years started to have a sore or stiff neck on her left side. This evolved to pain in her shoulder. Our family doctor at that time sent her to physical therapy. I went with her and the person there sent her to a room where there were two buckets filled with concrete with an eye bolt rising from the center. A rope was tied to this with an adjustable wooden grip at the end. She was to pick up these buckets and hold them straight arm out and stay that way as long as she could. She was in tears and begged me not to take her back. She was sent to a neurologist who decided she might have Multiple Sclerosis she should expect to be wheel chair bound in the next few years. He threw all kinds of pills at her, pain pill, muscle relaxers and a new drug called Elevelle and others. The medicine didn't help and only caused her to gain fifty pounds. She would wake up in the middle of the night but still be asleep and raid frig and come back to bed and not even know it. This was the start of a lifetime of pain pill addiction. Finally a doctor diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia . For years when she would go to a new doctor because the companies I worked for would change insurance plans sometimes yearly the doctors either agreed with the diagnosis and tried to cut back the pills or the really good ones would say I don't believe in any narcotics and would stop all medicines.

Jump forward twenty five years and even now if she has to go to the ER nurses still look at her and say that is your opinion we just call that chronic pain and you should go to a place and get on a program to get off drugs. Our doctor now sent her to a upper neck doctor. We brought along all exray reports and MRI disks and the doctor looked at them and said to begin with I don't believe there is such a thing as Fibromyalgia. My reasoning is that every other housewife has it and I think it is an excuse to take pain meds. Lucky our main doctor is well versed in the treatment.

Over the years since this has started she has attempted suicide three times. She lives with depression daily an is addicted to pain medication. Everyday is a struggle for her and I can't say I know what she is going through because I don't. January 30. 1971 I said I would take her for better or worse. I keep my promises. I think she will get better, but if she doesn't I will be their.

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    • ahagen profile image


      6 years ago from Topeka Kansas

      What a struggle you are facing. Your wife is very lucky to have you. I have worked with individuals with fibromyalgia and it is a terrible disability. I am sure you have tried everything you possibly can to make the pain less. I am a distributor for a company called Livinity and our medical director developed natural products to use in his own practice with his own patients. He still "prescribes" the Livinity products. If anything is worth a shot, you should try them. Go to or email me directly at We have some very inspiring testimonials to these products.


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