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Remedies for Osteoporosis.

Updated on March 19, 2014

Difference between normal and damaged bones that lack Calcium

Non diary food rich in calcium
Non diary food rich in calcium
Diary products rich in calcium
Diary products rich in calcium

Fight osteoporosis

People often suffer from bone crippling ,osteoporosis or fracture as they grow old ,this happens when our body lacks calcium or calcium is not absorbed properly in our body due to deficiency of vitamin D .Diet rich in calcium and vitamin "D"would prevent you from getting osteoporosis .Vitamin D boost our immune system and has an important role to play in our metabolism.

Calcium is needed for growing children and adolescences so that they have strong bone growth.It is also needed by lactating and expecting mother and post menopausal women who need good amount of calcium to have good bone density( as most of the food we eat is acidic and erase plenty of calcium (is alkaline)from our body) .

Cereals,fruits and leafy vegetables,helps to supply vitamin A,C and D whereas diary products mushrooms,fish and fish oil are good source of vitamin D and Calcium .

We must consume at least 1000 mg of calcium a day (pregnant women need 1300 mg of calcium/ day)

Sources of calcium and vitamin D

Sources of calcium

Skimmed milk,cheese ,yogurt and butter milk along with broccoli spinach and other greens are good sources of calcium.

Drinking butter milk or whey everyday provides good amount of calcium to our body

Beans like kidney beans,soy beans,pinto are good source of calcium and is readily absorbed by our body,

Lotus stem is good source of calcium.

Eggs are also rich in calcium and vitamin D and is suggested for expecting mothers and growing children.(organic egg shells are a very good source of calcium)We can make the powder of the egg shell and have 1/2 tsp every day for 8 weeks in a year to full fill calcium requirement in our body .

Sources of vitamin 'D'

Eggs ,cod liver oil,and tuna fish and sunlight have good amount of vitamin D

Mushrooms are also good source of Vitamin D especially if they are exposed to sunlight.

Apart from having the above said products to prevent osteoporosis .We must maintain strong and healthy bones by doing weight bearing exercises ,walking ,aerobics and yoga.Expose your self to sunlight,it triggers vitamin' D' synthesis Do not stay indoors through out the day .Elderly women and men need to have right diet full of all the nutrients to stay fit.

Women approaching middle ages need to be extra careful when they pass through menopause,,a women experiences slow down in metabolism ,and decrease in bone mass This happens because a woman's body experiences a greater bone loss and her body does not absorb calcium properly,This put them at a greater risk of fractures and osteoporosis.It make the bones weak and fragile and the bone looses its bone mass.

There are certain factors that slow down absorption of calcium in our digestive tract.

Poor metabolism in some people.

Age is one reason why we suffer from calcium deficiency as we grow old our digestion becomes poor due to lesser activity and thus calcium is not absorbed properly by out digestive tract.

Problem of mensuration at child bearing age in young girls ,they over do exercises to reduce weight and they intake less calcium than they require daily,they should increase their calcium rich food to full fill their calcium requirement .

Post menopausal women suffer loss of bone density and absorption of calcium slows down due to poor metabolism.

Calcium is not used properly by the body due to deficiency of vitamin D .It could be full filled by sitting in the sun for sometime everyday.


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