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Fight The Fat with fiber

Updated on July 25, 2012

You may be giving preference to dieting to keep yourself slim and trim, but whether it is the ideal way to lose fat. Perhaps not ! You may lose weight by this method but you may be inviting an elderly look to yourself.

In fact, if you do not take the proper diet then there may be lack of nourishment to the body which may result in anemia, weak bones and rough skin etc. In such a situation you require a balanced diet so that your weight is under control and at the same time you look healthy.

Otherwise, if you are taking healthy and balanced diet then you may keep good health free from diseases. For this you may include food containing fiber in your diet. This will improve your digestive system and control your weight because the food containing fiber does not have calories and you also feel contented.

You may take wholegrain bread in the breakfast along with fresh fruit etc. The upper portions of fruits and seeds have maximum fiber. You may also increase the intake salad, Chapati, Black-eyed beans,red kidney beans, nuts, almonds and sprouted grains. Eat the fruits without peeling. Also include peas in your vegetables as they contain maximum fiber

Include Multigrain food to your snacks

The young generation is very much fond of junk food and this is directly affecting their health. They are falling prey to various diseases and obesity. The work culture has changed in the modern world; also the physical activities have been reduced. There is need of such diet which is good for health. If you are in search of healthy snacks then multigrain roasted snacks are a better choice as they are nutritious as well as low fat, low calorie, zero cholesterol and free from trans fat. Multigrain snacks contain abundance of fiber and nutritious elements. They also increase body metabolism. The snacks made up of oat, rice, corn, flax seeds, finger millet are full of fiber and at the same time they contain nutritious elements such as Calcium, Omega-3 fatty acid and Lignin. The dissolvable fiber available in Oat and Finger millet helps to reduce Lipoprotein or Cholesterol. This keeps the heart healthy by controlling Cholesterol and blood pressure. Honey with roasted multigrains can be taken with milk in the breakfast. To maintain the physical activities some sort of exercise and Yoga may be helpful.


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    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      This is so true. Vegetables and fruits will help in burning away fats and sweeping them off from our system.